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[Election 2008]

Who would ever have guessed that the Republicans would resort to such despicable tactics in their quest to hold onto the White House? Aware of their plunging numbers in the polls, the McCain/Palin strategy has been to go negative by painting Obama as a pal to terrorists and as “not one of us.”

The approach has worked, at least in terms of exhorting the redneck base, with recent Republican rallies being marked by cries of “kill him” coming from the rabid lynch mobs. It’s sad, if not surprising, that the GOP campaign has degenerated into a desperate appeal to the lowest common denominator, given McCain’s pick of Palin as a running mate.

While she sure looked like white trash at first blush as she burst on the national scene deeply-embedded in all sorts of Jerry Springer-level drama, I was still willing to give the Alaskan Governor the benefit of the doubt and reserve judgment until her debate against Senator Biden. But she incessantly appealed to “Joe Six-Pack” and “Hockey Moms” in lieu of addressing the issues. And then I cringed when the right-wing pundits applauded his performance, capitulating to her celebration of anti-intellectualism.

Raising McCain back on the stump, Boobus Americana came-a-callin’ in full force. You can tell by the inbred cretins standing up to ask the Arizona Senator questions, invariably suggesting that Obama might be a Muslim, an Arab, a traitor, or all of the above. To their credit, Biden and Barack have not attracted a similar element to their
gatherings, sticking to the high road when it would be so easy to take potshots at the decidedly not ready for prime time opponents.

The Democrats could make mincemeat of the unstable McCain simply by recounting the timeline of his response to the economic crisis, where he temporarily suspended his campaign to throw a monkey wrench into the negotiations, delaying the bill so his pals in the senate could pad it with billions in pork. And as for Palin, just listen to any of the embarrassing gibberish coming out of her mouth during her interviews with Katie Couric or Charlie Gibson.

Is it any wonder then that the best reason the Republicans offer to vote for their candidate is the constant reminder of Obama’s middle name and the not very subtle implication that he must therefore be dangerous?

Black Star News columnist and attorney Lloyd Williams is a member of the NJ, NY, CT, PA, MA & US Supreme Court bars.

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