John: Set Your People Free!

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Big mouthed Australian Prime Minister John Howard says electing Sen. Barack Obama as US president would be a reward to al-Qaeda and that terrorists are praying for such an outcome. He makes this assertion because Sen. Obama, like the majority of Americans, want US troops out of Iraq.

Our message to John over in Australia is simple—Shut your racist mouth! Let the American electorate decide who runs this country while Australians decide who runs Australia. Of course, we can give your countrymen a suggestion—we pray that they vote you out of office when you face elections later this year.

John is an unrepentant racist from the Old School. He has been the chief architect of the Western economic boycott that has destroyed Zimbabwe’s economy and created widespread poverty in that Southern African country, under the false pretence of wanting to usher democracy. Where were Australia and the West when Ian Smith, Zimbabwe’s last white prime minister –it was then Rhodesia--ran an apartheid regime there? The West argued that sanctions would harm Africans the most and abetted Smith.

When the Zimbabwe government had the arrogance to share formerly white-controlled land with landless Africans, John was leading the call for sanctions. Bwana John was happy with the way things were in the good old days when whites, who made up less than 2% of the population, controlled nearly 70% of the fertile land in Zimbabwe and Africans were reduced to serfdom. Those days are long gone John—you can’t tell free Black men in Africa how to govern their destiny; and you certainly can’t tell Americans whom to elect president.

John sees the emergence of a serious Black presidential candidate in the U.S. and he can’t control his racist bones. He maligns Sen. Obama by associating him with terrorism. At the back of his racist brain, he is deliberately creating an association between “Obama” and “Osama”; much like some right-wingers have attempted here.

Moreover, Bwana John should be the last person in the world giving advice to Americans. He is the leader of a country where the original inhabitants, the so-called aborigines, are treated like slaves and second class citizens. John, set your people free.

If Sen. Obama’s campaign fails to land him in the White House, it will be because Americans embraced the vision presented by another candidate, and also because many Americans still are not ready to vote for a Black candidate. John is appealing to the latter group.

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