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The State Office Building in Harlem was the scene of dramatic celebration, festivity and bedlam Tuesday night once it became clear that Illinois Senator Barack Obama would become the 44th President of the United States.

Some grown women and men wept uncontrollably that night. Thousands of fans partied outside while hundreds more celebrated inside the building on 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. in Harlem.

A Jumbotron television screen mounted outdoors beamed results of the election all evening—once the Associated Press called Florida for Senator Obama, Harlem went wild.

Total strangers hugged and kissed and broke out in impromptu jigs on the middle of the streets and in the pavement in front of the building. Hundreds of journalists, including those from Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa were there to capture the scenes.

Harlem politicos, including Rep. Charlie Rangel, newly re-elected, and State Senator Bill Perkins, greeted well-wishers and supporters as music blared from different corners.

The celebration lasted long into Wednesday morning.

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