Justice Sotomayor's Victory Is For America's Youth

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[Black Star News Editorial]

Supreme Court Judge Sonia Sotomayor. It has a great ring to it.

The wise Latina woman has at last prevailed.

She survived the male stare down at the confirmation hearings and the insulting and demeaning questions and the supposed doubts about her "temperament."

She also did not provide the "meltdown" that could have derailed her nomination, in the words of one unwise Republican senator. She was today confirmed 68-31.

It's a huge victory for judge Sotomayor and the crowning of her hard work, education and pursuit of happiness; yet, it's an even bigger victory for America's youth and the future.

Most of all, it's a repudiation of the forces of bigotry and racism.

Sotomayor becomes the first Justice on the Supreme Court, of Latina descent. Eight months after the nation elected its first president of African descent.

And the march continues. Time will vanquish the rednecks and those who would still like to drive this nation back to the bad old days of pre-1950s.

And there are many in that camp: They have powerful cheerleaders--hate mongers with huge media platforms. Rush Limbaugh; Lou Dobbs; Glenn Beck; Bill O'Reilly--the purveyors of hate and white separatism.

But the future belongs to clear-eyed Americans of all hues, ethnicities, and religions.

The young generation. The young volunteers and activists who voted or convinced their parents, and their uncles, and their aunts, that the future belongs to them.

They don't want to be tied down by race politics and appeals to prejudice and fears. That's because the Internet has revolutionized communication systems.

Young White Americans have discovered that they share much in common with their African American and Latino and Latina compatriots. That's why the message of hate and fear can only be peddled to the older folk.

It's no coincidence either that racists like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and their ilk are in their 50s, or 60s.

They are peddling the fears and prejudices of their fathers.

The young generation --Black, White, Latina, Latino-- wants nothing to do with it. The future is theirs. America, and indeed the world, belongs to the young.

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