Kenya Violence: Odinga Blames Kibaki

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[Africa News Update: Kenya]


Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga claims Mwai Kibaki has armed militant gangs in Nairobi slums to cause the chaotic violence following the disputed Kenyan elections, in an interview.

Odinga, who says Kibaki and his associates stole the elections also revealed that some of the proposed mediators to help pull Kenya back from the brink and find a solution include former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, Ghana’s president John Kufuor and former Sierra Leone president Ahmed Tejan Kabbah.

He called for a probe of the roots of the Kenya violence.

Whilst appearing on both Aljazeera TV and BBC’s Andrew Murr Morning Show, the ODM leader, denied responsibility for the ongoing violence in Kenya and put the blame on Kibaki who hastily had himself sworn in following the disputed polls. The United States initially congratulated him but retracted after the EU and the U.K. called into question the election outcome; the only country known to be on record congratulating Kibaki is neighboring Uganda, where the opposition also says the incumbent stole elections in 2006.

Kenya’s violence followed the December 27, 2007, elections. The violence, while widespread and involved Kenya’s numerous ethnicities was also focused between Kikuyu’s who are widely seen as supporters of Kibaki and Luos, Odinga’s ethnic group. Kenya trails only Tanzania as East Africa’s most stable country.

Since the controversial elections were announced in favor of Kibaki, estimates of those that have perished range between 300 to 350; hundreds of thousands are said to have fled their homes.

“You need to address the genesis of this violence,” Odinga said, in the interviews. “Most of this has been done by Munguki, the government has armed illegal terrorist organization called [Munguki] organization who started long before. They are responsible for killing people.” He added, “The government should be blamed for the violence. It has armed the Munguki and its armed forces to shoot and kill in other parts of the country.” Munguki are a notoriously organization sometimes referred to as bandits that terrorize those that dwell in the one million strong Kibera slum in Nairobi.

“My people have been involved in peaceful demonstrations,” he Odinga said. His ODM is believed to have routed Kibaki’s party in the parliamentary elections, winning 100 seats compared to Kibaki’s 35.

“It is an insult to the people Kenya for Mr. Kibaki to say that he is making a generous offer of power-sharing,” said Odinga, adding that, “He didn’t win the elections, I won the election. Accepting his offer, that means legitimizing Kibaki. We don’t mind about power sharing, we have said that we don’t want any kind of violence. I won the election and I should be the one to invite him to form a coalition government,” Odinga said.

Kibaki had expressed willingness to form a coalition government but Odinga wants him to step down first. “Yes, we must negotiate properly in the presence of international mediators. I’m willing to sit down with Kibaki in the presence of mediators. He doesn’t honor promises undertaken; we have done it before,” Odinga said.

“When I talked to Gordon Brown, he suggested Kofi Annan, the African Union Chairman, President John Kufuor of Ghana and the former Sierra Leon Dr. Ahmed Tejan Kabbah,” Odinga, added.


US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Jendayi Frazer and South Africa’s Nobel laureate retired Archbishop Desmond Tutu have already visited Kenya and had talks with both Odinga and Kibaki.

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