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Every Holiday season it seems, along comes another nutty novelty CD hoping to capture the public’s imagination. It probably all started in 1958 when David Seville speeded up his own voice to record “Christmas Don’t Be Lateâ€? as Alvin and The Chipmunks. Believe it or not, that squeaky song sat at #1 on the charts and sold over four million copies before earning Seville three Grammy Awards. And who could forget American Idol also-ran William Hung’s futile attempt to extend his 15 minutes of fame by with the release of “Hung for the Holidays,â€? in which the lovable loser delivered tone-deaf renditions of an assortment of Christmas classics in his own inimitable style.   

This year, just “unleashed� we have a couple of CDs produced with the listening enjoyment of pets and their owners in mind. For canine’s, there’s Doggie Dog World, while for felines, there’s Kitty Cat Kingdom. The albums feature mostly mind-numbing Muzak tracks accompanied by the atonal strains of either cats meowing or dogs barking, depending on the record. Since I’m not a pet owner, unless tropical fish count, I have no idea why anyone would want to listen to what sounds like deliberately annoying disco overlayed with annoying animal noises.

I’ve been wrong before, so far be it from me to pre-judge a product that might turn out to be the next Pet Rock. Nowadays, there are upscale specialty stores dedicated to coddled cats and decadent dogs, so I suppose that CDs which claim to have been created with pets in mind might find a ready market. 

The brains behind these CDs are Hollywood songwriters Papa Kash, Elton Ahi and Demetric Collins, an accomplished trio whose worked has appeared on the scores of such movie soundtracks as Son of the Mask, Miss Congeniality 2, Connie & Carla, Shaghai Noon, xXx, Black Knight and Corky Romano, to name a few. The impressive resume’ notwithstanding, probably the best that this critic

can say about either Kitty Cat Kingdom or Doggie Dog World is that a portion of the profits will go to Posada Safe Haven, one of the country’s leading sanctuaries dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of domesticated and farm animals.  

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