Kola Boof's African History Lecture, At Book Signing

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Her father was light skinned; he married a dark skinned woman and implored his daughter to bear dark skin babies. Kola is going through her own baptism by fire from some Black men who denigrate Black women and idolize White women.
Hyacinth M. Graham

[Brooklyn News]

Boof, a captivating, dark skin woman, 6’3”, full busted, 42 years old with
wooly, long hair framing her expressive face, sometimes reflecting genuine grief
as she shared unabashedly the painful moments of her life.

This unique
African woman with many stories to tell, held forth at a book signing for her
latest book, a novel, entitled “The Sexy Part of the Bible” at Sankofa
International Academy, in Brooklyn, Sunday July 24th.  Ms. Boof articulates her
life story and teaches the truth about the origins of the African diaspora. The
room was filled to capacity with a broad cross section of the Black community
who listened intently to words of ancient wisdom coming from the lips of someone
we can believe in because she is bicultural and transcends the romanticism of
the mother country and the 400 years of deculturalization and brain washing that
has taken place in the Americas.

The  juxtaposition of the handsome 
metal and clay sculptures of pharaohs of ancient Egypt, the kings and queens of
West Africa and the pictures of the enslavement of these peoples in America and
worse were exhibited from the archives of Minister Clemson Brown, that vividly
brought home to us  the sacrifices made and endured. Drawings and pictures of
the capture of Africans in iron ball and chains, hand and ankle
cuffs, also
displayed along with a bail of cotton, along with the unmistakable depictions of
the nefarious klu Kluk klan, the lynchings of men and women, and the back
breaking work of picking cotton  defied denial of the crime against humanity
that was committed by America.

Within her life story are atrocities of
her own beginning with witnessing the murder of her parents and the change that
came over her at that moment. Up until then she had a happy childhood. They were
killed because they opposed slavery which continues to this day in the

Her father was light skinned; he married a dark skinned woman and
implored his daughter to bear dark skin babies. Kola is going through her own
baptism by fire from some Black men who denigrate Black women and idolize White
women. She reported that the renowned Amira Baraka called her a “Big Bitch”
repeatedly in public on the stage at Harlem Week prior to coming to the book
signing, because she fought to be on stage due to many changes in her scheduled
appearance causing a conflict with Baraka’s scheduled appearance.

said she deferred to Baraka and left the stage but not before she slapped him
for cursing her. She regrets this provocation coming from deep wounds. Kola was
adopted by an African American couple and attained citizenship in 1993 despite
being on the CSI list due to her association with Osama Bin Laden.

was his mistress for 4 years. He apologizes to her in his will which is in
probate, she said. She is the beneficiary of a stipulated amount of money. 

Kola feels strongly that the salvation of our race lies in the Black
woman who is demonized in all cultures and treated as a sex symbol and
therefore, one that is not worthy of respect starting from the bible where the
White woman is described as fair. Her mother was the epitome of Muslim womanhood
in that she never spoke, but she broke her silence once to tell her daughter
about the value of a  woman’s mystery. 

Kola learned the art and courage
of self expression from her adoptive mother.  While we are mistreated in the
American culture, Kola said emphatically that this is the safest place for a
Black woman to live, citing our ability to report  rape to the police, something
Black women cannot do in many parts of Africa, which is one of the compelling
reasons she has not returned to her native land. Rape is rampant as a weapon of
war to shame the men, and to clone the marauding tribe.

This is the
price woman pay in times of war.  Kola is pained by the voluntary cloning of
Black Africans to look and act  like their oppressor race.  She peels away
the layers of lies and confusion in her lectures and in her books.

antidote was expressed in Minister Clemson Brown’s lecture about our glorious origin
as a people of the Nile Valley Civilization, 25,000 years ago, naming the
many gifts Kemet gave to the world.  Kola prepares us for modern day Africa
which is not immune to White supremacy in all of its manifestations. “There
is a lot of work to do”, she  warned.  However, she values the contribution
made by the civil rights movement to the African Independence movement.   She
named many giants that we have given the world, such as “Sojourner Truth,
Harriet Tubman along with African warriors such as Nzinga”.

She acknowledges
there will be cultural differences, referring to the practice of vaginal infibulation which
causes sexual pain. But the prejudices that have been acquired among the
African diaspora must be reversed so that we can enjoy true brotherhood and
sisterhood as a people despite cultural differences.

Kola promotes love,
and asks us not to forsake the mantra coined during the civil rights movement
“Black is beautiful”.

The question and answer period following the
lecture were filled with shared stories, insights, and acquisition of this
latest novel for signing. Ms. Boof introduced another Black author she
greatly admires, Bernice McFadden, who was in the audience.  Ms. McFadden
is a “national best selling author of six critically acclaimed award winning
novels, twice nominated for the Pulitzer prize in fiction”.  She resides in

Ollie McClean, Director of Sankofa International
Academy provided, a delicious meal for all who attended.  We can thank her
for providing food for thought as well in hosting  an educational, and
heartwarming event.

"Speaking Truth To Power."

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