Let The Enemies Of Africa Beware

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[Crises In Africa: Black Star News Editorial]

With time, every big lie in the world is exposed.

So is it with the cover-up of genocide in East and Central Africa.

Only a fool could still deny that Uganda's dictator General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is a genocidal killer of the first rank.

Indeed, he revealed his pathology long ago when he gloated in his thesis paper at the University of Dar Es Salaam that the path to power is to hold up the severed head of an enemy. Perhaps his supporters in Washington and London have not read Museveni's masterpiece. Yet, the thesis is available in libraries around the world; or maybe Museveni’s Western supporters share his philosophy.

After all, he was even more celebrated and lauded in the West after he told The Atlantic Monthly magazine, in an article by Bill Berkeley published in September 1994, that any African who was captured into slavery must have been stupid. Not surprisingly the headline of the article was "African Success Story."

Yet, even members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), including Donald Payne, continue to sing Museveni’s praises. Readers should put in a call to any African American member of Congress whom they know and ask him or her about this calumny. The Chairwoman of the CBC is Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick; the phone number is (202) 226-9776.

In any case, Washington and London subsidize Uganda’s national budget at the rate of over 50% and equip and train its army, which has never defended Uganda against any foreign enemy invasion.

Instead, the national Army has killed its domestic citizens --more than one million in northern Uganda, primarily Acholis, with the assistance of its allies, the Lord's Resistance Army-- and it has invaded foreign countries.

In Rwanda, Congo, and the Sudan, Uganda's army has left a trail of blood and mountains of skulls: Uganda's 1990 invasion of Rwanda helped spark the genocide that claimed the lives of more than one million innocent Rwandese; in Congo more than five million died as a result of Uganda's invasion and occupation, as affirmed by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which in 2005 ordered $10 billion in compensation.

The residual effect of the culture of genocide unleashed by Uganda continues in Congo, with new fighting in Eastern Congo carried out by Uganda's and Rwanda's acolyte, the terrorist Laurent Nkunda, whose chief of military staff has already been indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in April 2008.

Maximum exposure must be applied to the Godfather of genocide in Africa, Yoweri Museveni, less the incoming Barack Obama Administration continues the policy of business as usual, trading five million Congolese lives for gold, diamond, timber and coltane.

Already the signs are not good: Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State will bring as shadow Secretary of State Bill Clinton. If any foreign player is as guilty as Museveni for the Rwanda and Congo genocide, then it is Bill Clinton.

As president, this American master charmer armed and equipped Uganda's army in the 1990s and his Administration trained in the United States the officers who led the invasion of Rwanda from Uganda, including Paul Kagame, who is today Rwanda's supremo.

This newspaper supported candidate Barack Obama from the very beginning. We condemned racist tactics against him by his political opponents when the so-called major media were pretending to be blind.

In fact, it was after The Washington Post referenced a Black Star News editorial defending Obama against racist attacks meant to undermine his candidacy that the so-called mainstream media joined the battle.

We shall not hesitate for a minute to call out the incoming Administration --and propaganda media such as The New York Times and BBC-- if the genocide against East and Central Africans is allowed to continue, using African traitors such as Museveni, merely so that Western corporations should continue to rape the resources of Africa. This is the time to defend Congo and the innocent in Uganda's Acholi region.

Let the enemies of Africa stand warned.

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