Liberals Illiberal Hillary Attacks

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Whoa!  What is this nonsense of Democrats and liberal pundits ganging up on Hillary Clinton? 
We expect that of Fox News and the Republican National Committee.  But when  columnist Bill Greider writes disparagingly in The Nation  that ”Hillary Clinton is the past” and talks disparagingly of a “Clinton restoration” and reaches so far as to compare her with Lurleen Wallace, you’ve got to ask yourself what is going on here? 
As a lifelong New York Yankees baseball fan, I suspect it has a lot to do with Hillary being the front-runner and everyone else is the Red Sox.  Or Tigers.  Or one of those lesser teams that every decade or so dislodge the Yankees from their rightful perch as World Champions.  Oh, how they hate…and envy the pinstripes.
Sure, her campaign has money, lots of it.  So does George Steinbrenner and he doesn’t hesitate to spend it on a Jason Giambi or Alex Rodriquez if it makes his Bronx Bombers more unbeatable.  Does he worry that it also makes them more hate-able among fans of the also-rans?  He does not. All he cares about are results. Can you imagine Steinbrenner putting up with Halliburton’s cost-gouging or failing to have enough troops on the ground in Iraq?
The Washington Post ridiculed Hillary as “Candidate Cliché” after a recent speech, calling it “trite.” The story ignored her substantive proposals for a new GI Bill of Rights for men and women in uniform that included pre-screening troops for physical and mental conditions before they are deployed.  In that same “trite” speech (that came on the day she backed Senate Democrats’ plan for a phased withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq), she also insisted more needs to be done for those suffering traumatic brain injuries, though this too was overlooked by the newspaper that broke the Walter Reed story.
At least when Bucky Dent broke Red Sox hearts with his blast over the Green Monster, no one blamed Steinbrenner for building such a short porch in left field.  But when it comes to the Bush war in Iraq, it’s all Hillary’s fault and why won’t she apologize?
Now just as Barack Obama isn’t Black enough for some, critics of Hillary say she isn’t feminist enough.  Here’s a woman who has been an advocate of women’s and children’s rights long before she got into politics and is an idol and inspiration to young girls around the globe.  Is she tough enough?  Running on the bitterest political terrain in the nation, she twice has been elected U.S. Senator in the state of New York, which means she has few fears of the mud-balls flung by the Rush Limbaughs and Ann Coulters as they attempt to stir into hysteria the GOP conservative base.
After all the damage George W. Bush has done to our military, our economy, the environment, world alliances and life as we know it, America needs a leader who inspires, as wearers of the pinstripes do.  As a transplant from Chicago where she once lived the summer frustrations of Cubs’ fans, Hillary knows both winning and losing and knows that winning is better and that’s the new direction she wants to lead America. 
For elected leaders, as it is with baseball teams, you don’t have to love `em, just respect `em.  Then get out of the way so she can get those trailers to Katrina refugees and health care to 47 million uninsured Americans. 
Throughout her public life, Hillary has shown she can get things done, just as the Yanks do when the chips are down and they call on a Mariano Rivera from the bullpen, bases loaded and none out.
The jury is out on whether Steinbrenner will be her Secretary of Defense.


For more than a quarter of a century, Victor Kamber has made headlines as a political consultant while writing several books and providing sound bites that resonate for network and cable talk shows. His blog can be read at


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