Libya: Anti-War Rally In New York For Monday

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[Libya Anti-War Rally]

Under the slogan "Stop Funding War – Start Funding Jobs & People’s Needs!" the United National Antiwar Committee at has organized a protest rally in New York City for Monday, June 27, which also marks the end date for NATO’s 90 day no-fly zone in Libya.

But NATO has extended it and expanded it: 10,000 bombing sorties attacking and killing civilians and destroying a country. The destruction hits here at home when the bombs drop overseas. No to multi-trillions of dollars for war and destruction of jobs & services.

Join the United National Antiwar Committee at an: Emergency Protest, Monday, June 27 4:30 to 6pm. From City Hall -- Broadway & Park Place -- to Wall Street & Back.

Also supporting Bloombergville – New Yorkers Against Budget Cuts students, unionists, homeless & others camping at City Hall to oppose the cuts.

More than 60% of the U.S. population is against the U.S/NATO war on Libya. The U.S. Conference of Mayors says: "Redirect the billions now spent on war toward urgent domestic needs. STOP the budget cuts."
NYC does NOT have a deficit – it has a surplus the mayor refuses to use. Let’s force the politicians to stop funding war and fund human needs – Now!

Self-determination for the nations of the Middle East, South West Asia, and North Africa! Money for Jobs and Education, Not for War! Called by: United National Antiwar Committee (UNAC)

Endorsed by: • Bloombergville – New Yorkers Against Budget Cuts: Students•Labor•Community United
• BAYAN – USA • Bailout the People Movement • Colia Clark for Senate (NY, Green Party) • December 12 Movement • FIST (Fight Imperialism Stand Together) • Freedom Party (Bronx) • Haiti Liberté • Harlem Fightback Against War at Home & Abroad • Harlem Tenants Council • Honduras Resistencia USA • IAC   (International Action Center) • ILPS (International League of Peoples Struggle) • ISHN (International Support Haiti Network) • ISO (International Socialist Organization) • Jersey City Peace Movement • May 1 Workers and Immigrants Rights Coalition •  NY Free Mumia Abu Jamal Committee • NY Power to the People Committee • Pakistan USA Freedom Forum • People Power Movement • SI (Solidarity Iran) • Socialist Action • Workers World Party • World Can't Wait

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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