Lieberman Does Not Remember Who McCain Is

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Translation is a new Black Star News column where we try to decipher (translate) jargon by politicians and other talking heads and even articles in other news publications. Today, we tackle some of the things said by Senator Joe Lieberman on "Meet The Press," with Tom Brokaw.

In the appearance on "Meet The Press," today Senator Lieberman apologized without exactly apologizing for his disgraceful insult of Senator Barack Obama during the campaign when he pandered to and backed Senator John McCain’s bid.

His apology: "I do regret, as I said to the caucus and afterward publicly, there are some things I said during the heat of the campaign that I should have said more clearly and some things I shouldn't have said at all," Lieberman, who was desperate to be named McCain’s running mate, whined in the interview.

Translation: "Now that the Democrats are in charge, I was willing to grovel to do whatever it took to keep my Homeland Security Committee Chair. I’m even willing to insult McCain if the Democrats want me to do that. You think I’m crazy or what?"

Lieberman also said, referring to the Democratic leadership, which went with Obama’s recommendation that Lieberman not be punished: "They stressed disapproval for some of the things I said. I accept that. That was the spirit of reconciliation. Now we move on together to get the nation's business done. We don't have the luxury of looking back. He is the winner, he is the President-elect."

Translation: "What more do you want me to say? They won; McCain lost. Life goes on; the sun will rise tomorrow."

During his appearance at rallies on behalf of McCain, the Connecticut senator launched often sharp and blistering attacks against Senator Obama, questioning his experience, or standing quietly by when other McCain acolytes challenged Obama’s patriotism.

Asked about his bitter attacks on Obama, Lieberman said: "Well, I was saying he was less qualified than John McCain. I think I praised him right there…." It was a weak defense considering that at the Republican Convention, he said of Obama: "Eloquence is no substitute for a record. Not in these tough times for America."

Translation: "I’m a politician; what more do you want me to say?"

Brokaw showed Lieberman a video clip where he said Sarah Palin, McCain’s eventual running mate was a "leader" who would "shake up Washington." Lieberman had hoped that he would be picked McCain’s running mate.

"Did you honestly believe that she was more qualified than you?" Brokaw asked.

Lieberman’s evasive response: "So sweet of you to run that clip and ask me that question this morning. Look, I got into this in December of 2007, to support my friend John McCain. I thought he was better prepared than any of the candidates at that time. I'm going to leave the political commentary and analysis looking backwards to others."

Translation: "Are you crazy man? Sarah Palin thought Africa was a country. And she thought the best way to deal with an aggressive Russia is by shooting down a balloon shaped like Vladimir Putin’s head when it rears its head over Alaska. I wonder how she became governor of a whole state! And remember what she told the Third graders about the role of a vice president?"

Lieberman was asked another interesting question by Brokaw. Now that the election was over and done with, had he spoken with the President Elect?

His response: "I called Senator Obama, President-elect Obama after the campaign. He's busy. I heard back from Joe Biden and Rahm Emanuel, I'm sure we will talk, and in some sense he talked to me through Harry Reid and his spokespeople."

Translation: "Are you out of your mind man? I dissed the guy and stood by while he was called a terrorist and people said 'Off with his head' and 'kill him.' I really didn't believe he would call me back but I had to put in the call. He just saved my rear end by telling the Democratic leadership not to strip me of my Homeland Security Committee chair. By the way, if he's watching this show I hope he lets me in on one of those inauguration balls. McCain? Who's McCain? Mcwho?"

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