Lou Dobbs’ Hypocrisy

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I am writing you in regard to your recent article “Lou Dobbs: ‘Illegal Alien’”-- published on Black Star News Website.

I just want to say – thank you for standing up and stating the obvious that Dobbs is an "anti-immigrant crusader". Dobbs seems to be selling his rage to American people for short term rating gains. He fails to present a practical approach to solve the real world issues and not just critical but condescending to all who disagree with his viewpoint.

As a journalistic student myself, I am very concerned about the falling standing of American Media. First the lead up to the war and now to Immigration. It seems like reporters are no longer reporting but actually advocating a specific point of view. 
Here are some specific examples:

1. Dobbs fail to acknowledge that his rhetoric against illegal immigrants "can" or "is" stirring hate among people. The irony is CNN reported on its Paula Zahn show that -- there has been increase in membership of KKK and other hate group organizations who are using "illegal immigration" as a way to recruit new people.

2. Dobbs claims that in "poll after poll" the American people support his point of view. That maybe true but he fails to report CNN’s own exit polls from 2006 elections in the states of CA and AZ which are contrary to his assertions.


3. Dobbs publicly endorsed the Minuteman Project on his show and in fact devoted lot of air time during last summer. He invited the founder Jim Gilchrist on his show several times but ever since Gilchrist has been under a cloud of controversial financial dealing, Dobbs has failed to inform their viewers that their donations just "maybe" being used for personal benefits.

4. I have watched Bill Q'Reilly, Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh. They are not partial but at least Bill at the end of the show reads some letters which are critical to his point of view. Dobbs never seems to take any letter which is critical of him.  
I sent him a letter a couple of time and it read something like this:

Mr. Lou Dobbs:
I agree with you the corporations have, as you said and I quote "Declare a war against the middle class" but I never seem to hear any discussion about the corporate dominance of American media on your show.
"The idea", that we the middle class can trust your reporting which you claim are "just facts" when you yourself work for one of the biggest media corporations – CNN, is an obvious conflict of interest.

Also, in the interest of full disclosure to support your assertion that you are a "true friend" of the middle class would you like to disclose on your show or on your website the details of your contract with CNN? The middle class would like to know what share their "best friend" takes from the big pie, the big corporations makes at the expense of middle class. 
If you do fulfill these basic requests, I once and for all, believe that you are our true friend.

I sent this letter quite a few times, but I never got any reply from him. To me it is not about immigration—to me it’s about journalistic fraud some people are advocating. Dobbs talk about corporate media; well he works for the biggest corporate media giant in the world.

The point is we as Americans should not be endorsing News media reinventing itself into Entertainment Media for financial gains.


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