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Where She’s From: Beautiful Drea whose Zodiac sign is Aries was born in Kansas city, Kansas and I lived there until about the 7th grade. “I have lived in places like Corpus Christi Texas, Anderson South Carolina and Clearwater, Florida. I currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia,” Drea tells The Black Star News. “The most important things I learned from my parents are to never let another human being dictate your being or future and that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. My parents support me more than ever; they're also my biggest fans.” 

Drea graduated from Redan High School in Stone Mountain, GA., in 2006 but started her career in late 2005. “My career is kind of in its teenage years; it’s growing and coming into its own. I'm getting more public notoriety and requests now thanks to my management company, Aarons Entertainment Group.”

“My biggest dream is acting,” she says, of her aspirations. “I do not want to be a video model forever. I think it’s great because it helped me as well as a lot of young women get their foot in the door, but this is not the end of the line for me.” 

“I just try to remain grounded in my faith in God and stay prayerful. It’s very hard to stay focused in this kind of business,” she adds.


Where She’s At:
“I'm most definitely proud of all my accomplishments, I look at them all as equal opportunities so I won’t single anything out and say that one is better than the next because everything that I’ve ever worked on was great! When I get my first TV show or movie role then I’ll start singing,” she continues, with a laugh. 

“It is very easy to get caught up and lose sight of your goals,” Drea says, when asked about the importance of combining beauty with brainpower. “If you don’t have a strong mind someone or something is bound to take notice, which can lead to all the wrong things. Beauty and brains definitely ups your value in this business. Besides there’s nothing like being able to put a man in their place.”


So how does this young beauty prepare to step out? “My favorite perfume varies between J'adore by Dior, and Bright Crystal by Versace; they're definitely my favorite,” she tells The Black Star News. “My lotions include Body butter, the thickness moisturizes so much better than water based lotions. I'm not much of a material girl but I do love designer shades and oversized bags, by Gucci, Chanel, Dior, and Versace. They have to be my favorite in that area but on the regular you would probably find me in cotton Bebe Sweat Suit, and flip flops.”


Drea’s Words Of Wisdom:
"keep your eyes on the prize! There’s nothing like having a plan and seeing it grow right before your very own eyes.” 

Drea’s Secrets Of Success: “If I were to tell you it wouldn't be a secret now would it?”

Drea’s Favorite Three Movies: “The notebook; Napoleon Dynamite; and,

all of the Oceans 11, 12, 13 and oh can’t forget Tyler Perry!” 

Drea’s Favorite Three Books: “White Lines by Tracy Brown; Wahida Clark Novels; and, The Coldest Winter Ever.”

Leaders That Have Inspired Drea The Most: “The best inspirational leaders to me are, my mother, Oprah, and Jesus Christ.” 

Drea’s Favorite Cars: “See I have this plan by not living beyond my means, so when I turn 21 I will have my first fully loaded White on White Range Rover. I love SUVs and that fits my personality; sexy and sleek. It’s a very metro sexual car. When I turn 25; I'll buy a Bentley Gt, that's when I get my grown and sexy on! But I also really like convertible Ferrari's and motorcycles. I'm learning how to ride one; nothing like seeing a sexy woman on a bike.” 

Drea’s Favorite Performers: “T-pain-he's like one of my favorites right now. He

could put out a polka album and I’d listen to it; Beyonce's "flaws and all" is really good to me; Lloyd-"Hazel"; J. Holiday's-"Bed"; and, I love a lot of rap music but one of my favorite songs has to be "touch it or not" by Cam'ron.”


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