Mad As Hell, Won't Take No More

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[Letter To The Editor]

The media is playing political shelll game with Governor David Paterson. 

Presently, they are off the so-called “ticket gate,” affair, since the infamous e-mail sent last week from the Governor's Office stating that he was invited to the Yankees game.

Now, they have gone back to the governor allegedly intervening in an alleged abuse case. (To be continued, I’m sure).

Meantime, high school students went to pay a visit to the MTA Commissioner requesting a free Metro Card “Stay”, an opportune time to ask the Lt. Gov Richard Ravitch where are the multi-books that were kept by his former employer, the MTA?
Last night the announcement came that another staffer from the Gov. Paterson’s Office had quit --press secretary Shorenstein-- stating, “I can’t do my job under these scandalous conditions.”

Does anyone know if these ethical, virtuous individuals will apply for an early pension? Request unemployment or go to work for the Gov.’s adversaries?

The powers that be are frightened to death they will not get their cut from the $900 billion New York City/State budget!  This will be the first time in history that they will not get their under the table cut!
It is unfortunate that the people in this State must listen to these distractions that have little to do with running a State--Instead of dealing with people losing their jobs, apartments, homes, insurance--being blocked in shelters (Tier 1,2,3) instead of placing families in the Public Housing apartments that are being warehoused, or in these overdeveloped empty Condos.
Just for the record, where is the federal stimulus money targeted for New York?

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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