Manny Pacquiao Is Boxing King

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W.B.O. Welterweight Champion, Miguel Angel Cotto perhaps proved some boxing experts correct when they claimed that he was a “shot” fighter after his TKO loss to Manny "PacMan" Pacquiao, who is being hailed as Henry Armstrong.

Some say Pacquiao is even better than the legendary Armstrong at his peak. Some critics contend Cotto’s never been the same since his K.O. loss to Antonio Margarito 15 months ago, at the MGM Grand Arena. Ironically, it’s the same venue where he suffered his second knockout loss, yesterday.

With the precision of a well-oiled machine of destruction, Pacquiao became the first fighter in boxing history to win a seventh world title, surpassing Armstrong’s 4 titles by far. He decisively knocked out Cotto, 55 seconds into the 12th round of what turned out to be a one-sided fight after the 3rd round. Cotto feeling his macho power had made the mistake of trading punches with Pacquiao. He suffered two knockdowns on the way to losing his title.  

The excitement was electric in the first three rounds when Cotto, sticking to his battle plan, out boxed Pacquiao decisively, frustrating him and keeping him at bay as he claimed he would, with the use of his powerful jab. He occasionally unleashed body punishment while avoiding Pacquiao's bull rushes. Some fans began to believe that Pacquiao had finally met his boxing waterloo. 

Super confident and smelling victory, after only three rounds, Cotto began trading punches with the PacMan. His young trainer, Jose Santiago, begged Cotto to go back to the game plan; jab and move. Cotto ignored the advice and paid for that mistake by getting knocked down.

That was the beginning of the end for Cotto. The Filipino fighter had figured him out. From then on, a steady stream of punches rained from all angles, swelling Cotto's head like a ripe melon, with cuts and bloody bruises which spread to his neck and shoulders.

If Pacquiao was a heavyweight, both Klitschko brothers would be in trouble; he just hits too hard. He is a pure hard puncher who does not need the assistance of "plaster-of-Paris." His power and speed was not weakened by moving up in weight. He’s moved seven weight divisions, and earned seven titles. He’s without question the real and undisputed, pound-for-pound King of boxing.

What’s next for the new W.B.O. Welterweight Champion, whose pet dog is also called PacMan? The obvious is a mega multi-million dollars match with the former pound-for-pound legend, Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

This is a must-be-made fight, although Pacquiao to stay busy, could challenge the winner of the Shane Mosley versus Andre Berto championship fight in 2010, during the interim. There were comments last night about a "parity purse" for Mayweather and Pacquiao. This is absurd since the marquee fighter and current champ is Pacquiao not Mayweather. Cotto for last night’s fight agreed to a catch-weight of 145 pounds and a $6.5 million purse to Pacquiao's $10 million.

What’s next for Cotto? In my opinion, an early permanent retirement from boxing based on those two horrific brutal beatings from Margarito and Pacquiao.

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