Margarito, With Heavy Advantages, Might K.O. Pacquiao

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[Boxing Glove Notes]

With Too Many Advantages, Margarito Should Score

The the former 3-Time World Champ, Antonio "TiaJuana Tornado" Margarito won re-instatement of his license to become the second well paid consolation prize opponent for the recently elected Phillipine Congressman and pugilist, Manny "PacMan" Pacquiao, the undisputed pound for pound icon of the boxing world.

This mega fight for the vacant W.B.A. Junior Middleweight Crown contracted at a catch-weight of 150 pounds, will take place at Jerry Jones' Dallas CowBoys Stadium, in Arlington, Texas, tonight.

What a relief for the fans of the Dallas Cowboys' miserable 1-7 season. Margarito has vowed to knock out Pacquiao in the 10th. round.

The beginnings of this story go back to January 24, 2009 when Margarito, while preparing to defend his W.B.A. Welterweight Title against Sugar Shane Mosley. He had won the fight by knocking out Miguel Cotto. During the official taping of Margarito's hands for the Mosley fight by his then trainer, Javier"El General" Capetillo, Nazim Richardson, Mosley's trainer discovered Capetillo inserting a foreign substance--Plaster-of-Paris--onto Margarito's handwraps.

The California Boxing Commission suspended both Antonio Margarito and Javier Capetillo later and suspended their licenses. Still,  Margarito had been permitted to fight that night, losing to Mosley by a knockout in the 9th.

Claiming innocence, Margarito began his odyssey, pleading his case in all of the sister states boxing commissions, but he was denied re-instatement. He became, in the fight world, "The Man Without A Country" like the famous novel. The disgraced fighter had no boxing ring to continue his boxing career; and was also labelled a dangerous cheater in the hurt business.

Surprisingly after much pleading, Margarito was allowed to fight in Aguascalientes, Mexico, which did not honor the suspension, probably motivating Arlington, Texas Commission to approve and grant Margarito a one night pass or license to fight Pacquiao in Texas Stadium. The much anticipated mega fight that the world was awaiting, Floyd Mayweather versus Pacquiao, fell through again.

When the New York City Press Conference Fight Tour was held at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan, Wednesday, September 1, 2010, both Pacquiao and Margarito were bombarded with the same question of the plaster-of-paris cheating incident. Margarito with his "choir boy" look again denied his involvement and blamed his long time trainer, Javier Capetillo.

As for Pacquiao and also his trainer Freddy Roach they bothrefused to believe that the Tiajuana Tornado, Margarito was innocent. In fact Manny Pacquiao in one of chapters of HBO's 24/7, promoting the fight, mocked Margarito saying,  "It was impossible that a fighter having his hands taped not  see what was being placed on his hands nor feel the extra weight, unless he was blind, and if he was indeed blind, he had no business in the ring."

It is a known fact that a fighter faces his trainer as his hands are being taped.

This "victory tour" fight for Pacquiao, since he indicated that he would retire soon to concentrate on his political career, is a very big risk for him. He is fighting a taller,  heavier,  hard punching-minus the plaster-of-paris substance, and stronger man--a former world champ bent on redeeming himself. He knows this is his one and only opportunity back into boxing stardom.

, and if loses, he knows that it is a one way ticket back to "Palooka-Ville", and perhaps the end of his boxing career.

I am also concerened by the constant distractions and "breaks" in training by the Pacquiao camp because of his political responsibilities and obligations and suffering "jet lag" arriving from the Phillipines which was totally different from the past uninterrupted camps. In Las Vegas, Pacquiao was again obligated to break camp for one night to campaign for Congessman Harry Reid, while Margarito "enjoyed" six solid weeks of preparation for the "biggest fight of his life" as he was quoted, being  trained by former world champ, Robert Garcia.

Manny "PacMan" Pacquiao is a brave fearless warrior capable of even challenging the Klitshko Brothers if it was at all physically possible, but I am very sure that he in his heart of hearts he must be asking himself "what did I get myself into fighting such a bigger opponent."

I once asked him if he would fight Junior Middleweight Champ, Yuri Foreman. Surprised by the question, he said he would never fight a junior middleweight--even Yuri because they were "too big" with longer reaches. He could not even weigh that much since he already was having trouble bulking up to 147 pounds. Yet, he is now fighting an opponent much bigger and stronger than even Foreman.  At the official weigh-in, on November 12, Pacquiao weighed a very light 144 pounds; Margarito weighed 150 pounds, the contracted weight limit. It is expected that Margarito would add another 10 pounds by fight night which will no doubt be another physical advantage for him.

Margarito deserves an honest opportunity to redeem himself in the ring, but not with these advantages which could very well assure him of a victory over Pacquiao. It would also eliminate the "dream match" that the world awaits and is still awaiting, Pacquiao versus Mayweather.

Margarito's sincerity and credibility was diminished by the vicious mocking by him and his camp, of trainer Freddy Roach's serious Parkinson Disease condition. Margarito later apologized; it did not erase the hurt. The disease affects millions.

Even if Pacquiao beats Margarito like he has stated confidently, by an 8th round knockout, I fear that it will come at a heavy cost, with Pacquiao possibly suffering injuries. He would become damaged-goods and affect his chances in a fight with Mayweather if it ever happened.

I see a classic phone-booth war with Margarito scoring a late round stoppage.

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