McCain Deceit a la Carte.

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BSN Commentary: Election 2008

There was a classic episode of The Twilight Zone entitled, “To Serve Man” (1962) where an alien race came to earth, promising peace and to share their technology.  The mild mannered, softspoken aliens brought with them a book entitled, “How To Serve Man.”  Linguists of the earth interpreted the book to be a guide to teach the aliens how to help and attend to humans, while contrarily, it was actually a recipe book on how to fatten us up and eat us.  

Government assistance for unemployed workers was designed for the economy of the 1950s. That's going to change on my watch," cooed John McCain during his acceptance speech at the RNC. If elected President, the self proclaimed "maverick" plans on "reforming from top to bottom Unemployment Insurance and retraining programs that were designed for the 1950s, and making use of our community colleges to train people for new opportunities that will help workers who've lost a job that won't come back, find a job that won't go away.”  Read between the lines, Brothers and Sisters, and then read it point blank as McCain threatens to “Strip the American people of the Unemployment Insurance safety net right at a time when unemployment continues to soar out of control; making use of our community colleges to train more Americans in servant roles such as overworked, sinfully underpaid home attendants and security guards rather than careers that meet their full potential and aspirations of living the American dream, leaving no further options for the unemployed but military service.” 

It is already happening all around us and has been throughout the Bush administration.  I have seen proud business owners who lose their businesses, being forced through welfare reform to go out and work security at the airports and men who trusted the system to provide gainful employment, reduced to donning themselves in funky blue bunny suits to promote that HMO beast,  while the rich of the rich continue to prosper and the rich of the not-so-rich sink into middle class, pushing the poor out of their neighborhoods, rendering them homeless due to forced gentrification and shelters turning away homeless families with school aged children and babies during the deadly cold winter months, forcing Americans to double up -- even triple up households to avoid sleeping on the streets.  This devastation resulting from massive unemployment coupled with sub-crime mortgage fallout has taken a heavy toll on the quality of life of the American people.  The struggle for mere survival has caused loving family relationships and friendships to be gravely compromised, stressing the emotional state and the very spirit of this entire great nation.  And for what?  Greed, that's all! Nothing but greed.

"And let me offer an advance warning," McCain continues to chide, "to the old, big spending, do
nothing, me first, country second Washington crowd: Change is coming."  Let it be known that, Senator McCain has been a part of that same "do nothing" crowd for nearly three decades.

Would a McCain administration include more of the same? Not even close.  McCain threatens much worse, because under a McCain administration, he promises an all out assault on any hope America has of recovery. 

So there you have it: Palin adorned with lipstick in the crimson hue of America's blood, clutching her hunter’s rifle snug in hand as McCain, sinisterly grinning, ties the white linen napkin purposefully around his neck, luring the naïve, the vulnerable and the hopelessly despondent, all the while, in a most felicitous tone, whispering, “We are not people who believe only in the survival of the fittest. Work in America is more than a paycheck; it is a source of pride, self-reliance and identity. But making empty promises to bring back lost jobs gives nothing to the unemployed worker except false hope. Reforming from top to bottom Unemployment Insurance and retraining programs that were designed for the 1950s, and making use of our community colleges to train people for new opportunities that will help workers who've lost a job that won't come back, find a job that won't go away.”

Hey America, do you smell something cooking?

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