McCain Fails Another Judgment Test

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[On The Spot: Election 2008]

The Grand Old Party (GOP) appears to have taken a page out of a street pimp’s notebook. It will be a miracle if Senator John McCain’s selection survives the scrutiny that will follow in the next few days.
A day after the 45th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream,” speech and the day after the powerful and compelling speech by Democratic presidential hopeful Barak Obama GOP hopeful McCain, 72, announced that Alaska’s Governor, Sarah Louise Heath Palin, 44, is his running mate as Vice-presidential hopeful.
Did the GOP pick Palin only because she is a woman? Can just any woman on the GOP’s ticket attract the women who voted for Senator Hillary Clinton? Governor Palin has been in office for 18 months.  Is she really ready to be the commander-in-chief if, God forbid, something happens to McCain if he is elected president?
The big question is does the GOP really think American women’s IQs are so limited that they would not see the gender card being played? After Palin’s record is thoroughly examined she will prove to be a poor choice for women, and the United States; this will shed light on the GOP’s judgment.
I said it before – the Republican Party is a dysfunctional party. Clear example, at one time during the primaries, McCain was packed and ready to go home; now he is the GOP’s nominee with no sign of change in sight. Palin may not survive as the nominee when media thoroughly examine her record.
The GOP wanted to put a “strong woman on the ticket.” Yet Palin, who is under investigation for allegedly firing a public safety commissioner Walter Monegan, after he refused to fire a state trooper, Mike Wooten who was once her brother in law and became engaged in a nasty custody battle with her sister Molly McCann. According to a media account Palin’s husband even showed Wooten some dirty information unearthed about Wooten by a private detective they had hired; that smacks of blackmail.
Palin then replaced Monegan with Chuck Kopp, dismissing the fact he was involved in allegedly sexually harassing a female employee. Kopp resigned his appointment and was reportedly paid $10,000 as severance; or was it hush money?
Please see
Before she became governor, when Palin was appointed as the Ethics Commissioner under then Governor Frank Murkoski, she resigned from that position in protest over its, “lack of ethics.” She became a whistleblower on fellow Republicans, which included the state Republican Party Chairman, Randy Ruedrich. 
The GOP has a record of preaching “ethics” and “integrity” and then practicing the opposite. It has tapped former New York City mayor, and failed presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani to be the keynote speaker at its Convention. Yet, the shadow left by Giuliani appointee, former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Bailey Kerik, now being tried for corruption, still rides on his back.  Kerik faces 142-years in federal prison if he is found guilty of the 16 criminal counts he’s been charged with.
McCain’s judgment is so seriously flawed in selecting Palin that I would not be shocked if he’s forced to go back to the drawing board.

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