McCain: From Mr. Straight Talk To Mr. Crap Talk

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[Publisher's Commentary: Election 2008]

Message to Senator John McCain; it's the economy stupid.

Message to Governor Sarah Palin; it's the economy very stupid.

In the last few weeks, as the election has started to shift away as economic issues loom large, causing voters to
lean towards Senator Barack Obama, we have seen how so-called Mr. Straight Talk has evolved into Mr. Crap Talk.

Why has McCain launched the vicious campaign to reduce the presidential election into a mudfest?

Because voters have shifted dramatically to Senator Obama, responding to his genuine message of change and economic recovery, while responsibly ending the Iraq quagmire in order to devote resources to capturing bin Laden in Afghanistan .

Gallup now has Obama up 50% to 42%. McCain last month led in five of 12 key battleground states; now Obama leads in 11 of them. He's up by 10 points in Pennsylvania (21 electoral votes); up by 8 points in Ohio (20 electoral votes); up by 8 points in Florida (27 electoral votes); and, in Republican Virginia, he's up by 9 points (13 electoral votes).

McCain has begin to throw in the towel; witness his quitting the battle field in Michigan.

McCain has also become very erratic in the past two weeks. He's in a dangerous mode.

First he tried a bluff, saying he would suspend his campaign and forego debating Obama so he could go help resolve the impasse over the economic bailout plan in Washington, even though he had said he knows nothing about the economy and as of two weeks ago noted that the economy was "fundamentally sound" raising more questions about whether he was mentally sound.

Then in an interview with the Editorial Board of the Des Moines Register, McCain also showed some of the rage that caused two of his Republican colleagues to express total fear that he could one day be in power; his temperament presents a clear and present threat to national security, in a world inhabited by the type of mercurial leaders we now have in Iran and in North Korea, not to mention other conflict zones, including the Middle East.

A president McCain reminds me of the crazy character in Dr. Strange Love. He's a risk the nation best avoids.

These volatile times need a president who is not permanently angry, but one who is reflective, calm, intelligent, and yet resolute, knowing that interactions with foreign countries are always backed by overwhelming U.S. military might.

By throwing Sarah Palin, a decent enough lady of limited intelligence, experience, and knowledge, into the mix, at a time of
domestic financial crises and global military turmoil,  McCain not only displayed a  ruthless level of recklessness  but
jeopardized the national interest and security.

McCain has practically forfeited any just claim that he may have had to the presidency. A president's number one duty is to protect the nation. Putting Palin a heartbeat away from the presidency is simply too risky, since the possibility that she would end up president is very real. McCain is 72 years old and in compromised health; he bears the pain and scars of his five years captivity and torture. He has also been bravely battling the most fatal form of skin cancer. The fact that he is not willing to fully disclose his health records only confirms suspicion that his condition is possibly worse than the impression he would like to give the public.

No one --not even McCain if he is honest with himself-- believes Palin is capable of handling that 3 AM phone call. She would likely say, "Let me get back to ya!"

Voters would have been more reassured had he selected a competent running mate such as Mitt Romney or even Mike Huckabee, both of whom had been battle tested during the primaries.

Finally McCain has behaved in a most dishonorable and ungentlemanly fashion. He has sent his hapless VP running mate --who had to learn by reading the newspapers that McCain had withdrawn from Michigan-- to smear and malign Senator Obama.

The dirty deeds started during the VP debate. Like a Praying Mantiss, Palin seduced the nation with a smile even while she smeared Obama. She told the record national television audience that while her son --and Senator McCain's and Senator Biden's-- was serving the nation in Iraq, Obama was a "whole other story." She said this maliciously, knowing full well that Obama has two young pre-teen daughters.

As McCain's free fall continues --deservedly-- in the polls,  Palin is being pushed even further. Yesterday, she claimed that Obama  "palls around" with terrosists who "attack their own country...."

While many people have read this to mean a reference to Bill Ayers, the former 60s radical who was involved in bombing government buildings --when Obama was eight years old-- and knows Obama since they now live in the same Chicago neighborhood, Palin's use of the operative word "terrorists" who "attack their own country" was clearly an insinuating that Obama may also sympathize with terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

This goes back to the slur used against Obama during the primary campaign; questioning his patriotism and even his religion.

Those who live in glass houses: There are no shortage of examples of guilt by association that McCain is associated with--and in his case, legitimate guilt, as with his involvement in the Keating Five Savings and Loan Scandal.

To see a supposed war hero sink to such despicable depths is a very sad and pathetic sight  indeed.

From Straight Talk to Crap Talk.

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