McCain, It’s On You, If Obama Is Harmed

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[Black Star News Editorial]

There have now been a number of reported plots to assassinate Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama, including one revealed today. The government says the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) foiled a plot by two skinheads to kill the candidate and also massacre innocent Black people randomly.

While skinheads are not known for their genius, even such individuals must know that there would be very serious consequences to the public peace, not only here in the United States, but globally, if they were to carry out such an act. This candidate has raised so much hope and expectations, here and abroad.

Americans and the global community know that the power of the United States, when properly harnessed and channeled, can uplift all of humanity. The United States is inhabited by some of the most creative, dynamic, entrepreneurial, and intelligent individuals on earth; this is because they come from every where. So, the president of the United States, quite literally, is president of the entire world.

Back to the skinheads.

According to the government, in court papers unsealed today, the two Neo-Nazis planned to randomly shoot or decapitate 102 Black people in a Tennessee murder spree. After robbing a gun store, the skinheads planned to attack a predominantly Black high school; the school was unnamed. According to Jim Cavanaugh, special agent in charge of the Nashville field office for ATF, the two men planned to shoot 88 Black people and decapitate 14 others. These numbers, 88 and 14, are symbolic in the white supremacist community.

After launching the killing spree, Obama was to be the ultimate target, the government reports. Obviously one cannot imagine the kind of race-based violence and counter violence that such actions might spur.

The plan seems outlandish and perhaps not in the realm of the capabilities of two idiotic skinheads.  That’s not to underestimate or discount the dangers faced by Senator Obama.

There have already been many threats –most probably undisclosed—in addition to the threats that the campaign must daily endure. The candidate long ago has indicated that he knows the danger he would face while running for the White House; bravely, he has pushed on. As soon as Senator Obama declared his White House run; the threats started coming in.

That’s why we were especially disappointed –and we made this clear— when -baiting is introduced into the campaign.  We argued that any remarks that emboldened people with racial antipathy gave succor to those who were willing to cross the line; go to the extreme.

In recent weeks, Senator John McCain and his running mate have also exacerbated the situation with their inflammatory comments at their campaign rallies – saying for example that Obama has been “palling around with terrorists” and that he did not see the United States “like us.”

Which was why it wasn’t surprising that soon thereafter people began yelling “terrorists” and “kill him” at McCain and Palin campaigns whenever Obama’s name was mentioned.

McCain and Palin again proved that they were reckless and willing to appeal to, and even hope for, the basest and most hateful instincts. They were both quick to call and offer sympathy to the family of Ashley Todd, the crazed white woman who claimed that she had been attacked by a Black man who carved out the word “B” for Obama on her face, in Pittsburgh. Turns out that she had concocted the whole incident.  McCain and Palin had been hoping that the incident would appeal to race sentiments that they would be able to convert into votes.

What a sorry pair of losers.

This nation would never fully recover from the mayhem and destruction that would erupt if Senator Obama were to be harmed. Even skinheads and others who wish the senator ill must have more sense.


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