McCain Rage Endangers Global Security

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[Black Star News Editorial]


John McCain is an angry man--as president he could endanger global security.

We cannot have a man who cannot control his rage being in control of that red button—over the nation’s nuclear arsenal. His temperament might be suitable for a tank brigade commander to lead onslaught against enemy lines; but it’s hardly suitable for president of the United States.

There have been many past reports about Senator McCain’s alleged phenomenal rage. He reportedly has exchanged blows with another senator; he has supposedly referred to his wife with the “c” word (it rhymes with punt); and, in news account, some of his colleagues in the senate have also expressed concern about his uncontrollable rage.

Most recently, McCain’s rage has been on display since he saw the phenomenal welcome accorded Senator Obama during his trip to Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Germany, France, and the U.K.

He first started out by angrily criticizing media for the unprecedented coverage of Obama’s trip. Then when he realized he could not gain anything by attacking media, he turned his red-faced and stiff-jawed anger at Senator Obama, implying that the senator was a mere “celebrity” who attracted huge crowds –presumably the deluded masses— but could not be expected to lead the United States.

He sunk even lower, superimposing images of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, two troubled blondes, who are also allegedly, challenged when it comes to intellectual faculty and who have been known to go out on the town, inebriated and minus their panties.

That a presidential candidate of a major political party, out of anger, resentment and envy, could stoop to such levels is mind-boggling. It’s also very sad, coming from a man who takes pride in being an ex-soldier, a “maverick” politician, and a man who vowed to run a “respectable” campaign.

Moreover for McCain to even imply that Obama’s intellect is on the same level as Hilton’s and Spears’ is grotesque –Obama was president of the Harvard Law Review, while McCain, out of a graduating class of nearly 900, was only ahead of about five other students.

But what scares us most is McCain’s phenomenal rage. If he can’t even tolerate competition from an American fellow presidential candidate, how will his famous temper affect his dealings with foreign leaders such as the presidents of Iran or North Korea, or even the prime minister of China?

As Hillary Clinton would put it: If you’re asleep and that phone call comes at 3 AM, would you want John McCain to be in charge of the red button?

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