McLymont Discusses Africa Business In New Book

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Rosalind McLymont's "Africa Strictly Business," is most timely; it shares with American readers the Africa that does not get play in most major media--the Africa of emerging stock markets and investment opportunities; the Africa of young techie entrepreneurs whose products have been integrated into major Western companies; the Africa where returns on the stock market in places like Ghana far outpace returns anywhere else in the world.

And who better to bring this story to the world. McLymont, a former editor of the Economist-owned The Journal of Commerce, is the managing editor of The Network Journal (TNJ), the Wall Street-based business magazine.

Her passion has always been the African continent, and the vast business opportunities there. European and Asian countries have always known of the rich opportunities in Africa; China, in the past five years has emerged as one of the biggest players on the continent, swallowing up investment deals. McLymont's book makes it clear that Americans can't afford to stand by the wayside.

Come meet McLymont as she reads from her book on Monday at 6 PM at Hue Man Books in Harlem, 2319 Frederick Douglass Blvd., between 124th and 125tb Streets.


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