Media's Silence About Mormon Church And Its History of Racism

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[Election 2012]

On September 13th one would think that a serious dose of “truth” serum was administered to late night talk show and Emmy Awards Show Jimmy Kimmel.

In a remarkable admission during his opening monologue Jimmy spoke about a rare breed of monkeys found in the Congo. The monkey has a has a blond chin and upper chest, in contrast to its dark limbs; it also has a reddish-colored lower back and tail.

The Congolese people, who were quite aware of the existence of this type of monkey referred to it as “Lesula.” White people only recently "discovered" the existence of this monkey named the species "Cercopithecus Lomamiensis." Kimmel posed the question to his audience: "Why is it that every time White people learn of something they say they discovered it?”

He flashed the face of the newly “discovered” monkey on a split screen to show the likeness of its features compared to several people in the public eye. The similarities were clearly noted. Before ending his monologue, Kimmel said: “White people are stupid! Stupid!”

Well Jimmy, there are people who believe it is not as simple as being “stupid”. They recognize it as a matter of White supremacy in place. In many communities, it is often said (pun intended) “White folks' ice is colder than ours”. As a person of Afrikan ancestry, I applaud Jimmy Kimmel for making such a bold statement.

This 2012 Presidential campaign proves his statement is worthy of review. The lies, distortions and omissions of truth that are blasted over the airwaves are preposterous; 99 percent is based solely along color lines.

Ever since the right to vote was granted to Afrikans born in America, Black people were relegated to use that vote to try and elect "the lesser of two evils." It was the enslaved Afrikans' advanced technology and labor that built this nation and they pay more than their share of taxes. As spiritual people every time we go into the voting booths we pray whomever becomes the newly elected leader is would posses a minute sense of compassion in the distribution of human resources: housing; educational needs; and, protection under the justice system.

Ironically the campaign to stop the re-election of President Barack Obama is led by the Republican nominee former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. His ascendancy as a major party candidate speaks volumes to White supremacy. Romney was born and raised in the Mormonism, a faith which held racist views towards Black people and even barred them from priesthood well into the 20th century. Has Romney ever denounced the tenants of the church which was in the Book of Mormon or denounced its history of racist practices?

Romney has said he is proud to be a Mormon  candidate. Mormonism is a quasi religion that openly believes in a racist doctrine like no other, as you can read in the following five books in the Mormon of Latter Day Saints Holy Book: 2 Nephi 5:20-25; Alma 3:6-9; Mormon 5:15-1 : Nephi 12:23 and Jacob 3:5.

Women around the world need to be on alert if Mitt Romney is elected President. Will Romney willingly denounce his churches' troubled history with Polygamy which --while officially later banned-- is still practiced by so-called fundamentals ? What will he do when his churches' doctrines clash with the law? What about the practice of adult males "marrying" underage girls, which is pedophilia? There have been prosecutions of Mormon men for such practices in recent years. Will Romney denounce this practice? Young girls as young as 10 years of age have been set up in unwanted arranged marriages and forced to bear children.

Remember how then candidate Barack Obama was falsely accused of racism? Remember how he had to renounce his membership in Trinity United Church of Christ where his pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright preached truth to power? To prevent his campaign from getting derailed candidate Obama had to make a major speech on race relations. Rev. Wright did not preach racism while the Mormon church has had a clear racist history. Corporate media will never ask Romney to address that history.

Mormons don't seek alliances with people who are not rich or practicing Mormons. There are many questions about how Romney's Mormon faith will affect his executive decisions if he is elected president. Media have not raised these questions for Romney to answer.

American voters are entitled to answers and clarification.

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