Mel Gibson: Passion Of The Anti-Christ

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Count me as one who really gets a kick out of what Mel Gibson's ex recently did to him. Make no mistake about it, Gibson is one of the worst kind of punks there is.

He can't blame this on alcohol. If I show you respect while I'm sober, but disrespect you while I'm intoxicated, then what am I? Answer; rectuminous. There is no excuse where you can escape truth, plain and simple. What Okasa Grigorieva did was give many of you women out there a lesson in empowerment.

Those of you still enthralled with Mel because of "The Passion of the Christ," "Lethal Weapon," or "What Women Want" and have given him an abuse pass, are missing the point. The responses I've heard from some women is troubling and no-doubt in many cases self-revealing.

It tells me such women actually think Mel-Colm had a right to mistreat her because it was a private conversation, or it was his house, and so forth. What many really hate was the fact that she ended her victim status by recording 30-minutes of Gibson's vile misogynist, racist venom and ran his ass out. Who knows, maybe Mel will fly to Jerusalem.

There're so many lessons to be learned from this; more than I have space to write. But make no mistake about it, just because he pays all the bills is no excuse for physical, emotional or psychological abuse. Judging from what was said in some of those audio segments; Mel pretty much took care of all three categories. This is a guy who made an epic drama of his own version about the last 12 hours of Jesus's life on earth.

It became a controversial hit and the high numbers at the box office made him a billionaire because the film was shot by his own production company. I'm amazed by guys who make a billion and then lose it through bad relationship decisions.

Gibson's first marriage ended shortly after that with his wife taking a huge chunk due to pictures of him and Oksana huddled together. Speaking of Christ and passion, there is a religious angle to this. If the wife of the man who made a movie about Christ refused to tolerate his infidelity, then what about the wives of men who attend church to preach or listen to the teachings of Christ?

Should a woman stay in a miserable relationship because she is "bound" by her husband or mate? Hey I was raised on this teaching, but this is 2010. Marriages have gone from "for better or for worse," to "for worse or for even more worse" thanks to decades of self-inflicted religious obedience and a growing number of narcissistic men. Own up guys; many times we are the enemy and we've been warring with the one closest to us because of our own insecurity.

Many people get into relationships because they don't know what they want. It's common really, most people don't know themselves. Mel Gibson ruined his family by running around with someone young enough to be his daughter and he's heard on her recording berating her, ridiculing the same style of short tight dresses that attracted him in the first place. And declaring she could be raped by a pack of N-worders.

Grigorieva did what she did because it was the best move she could make regarding a figure like Gibson. Do not compare it to your relationship with Joe-Blow ok? Thanks to her, Gibson will be forced to look at himself and hear himself and change if he really wants to go further.

I think this is the only thing our creator wants us to be bound by; evolving and improving our own trifling selves.

Chris Stevenson is a syndicated columnist, his articles also appear on his blog; the Buffalo Bullet, Follow him on Twitter( )

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