Michael Jackson Hated His Skin

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[Michael Jackson: Dissenting Evaluation]

Editor's Note: We believe that Michael Jackson was the most phenomenal entertainer who ever lived. The writer here deals with an issue that has been grappled in our communities allover the world and we invite all readers to share their own views as well on the topic.

In the wake of Michael Jackson’s death I as many other are forced to reconcile the fact that he died a white Frankenstein due to numerous alterations of his features.

I could care less about what the white media has to say about MJ. At this point it galls me to see the likes of Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson and other Blacks rally around the ultimate symbol of self- hatred that has ever lived.  

Malcolm X would have called Michael Jackson out on every aspect of his self-hatred. We can't even be honest with ourselves about the horrible impact that his conduct and ours has had on the minds of people of color around the world; not to mention the fact that his conduct simply reinforced white supremacist ideals.

In typical ignorant fashion, we African Americans fell in line to mourn and support the individual who betrayed his people. MJ proved the truthfulness of Frantz  Fanon's eloquent assessment of the Black man in “Black Skin, White Masks,” when he wrote that, “the black man who strives to whiten his race is as wretched as the one who preaches hatred of the white man."

He also added: "As painful as it is for us to have to say this: there is but one destiny for the black man. And it is white."

It comes as no surprise to me that we can't see the truth for what it is. After all we are products of white America, and they have mastered the  ability to lie to themselves and deny the truth.

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