Michelle Obama Delivers Big

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[Black Star News Editorial: Election 2008]



Yesterday Michelle Obama delivered a powerful and resounding message: "We are all Patriots and part of the American Dream."

That was the theme of the prospective First Lady's speech. Her story -- the American story -- of rising from modest background, recalling how her brother protected her and how her father, even as he suffered from MS,
got up earlier every morning, in order to bring food to the table and provide for her and her siblings. He was "our rock," Michelle said.

"It was the greatest gift that a child could receive," she said, referring to her parent's sacrifice to ensure that she and her brother got an education, and that was why she had faith that "The American Dream endures."

And now, she added, "We want our children and all children in this nation to know that the only limit to the heights of their achievement is
the reach of their dreams and their willingness to reach out for them."

She spoke of how she fell in love with Barack Obama and recalled how he drove them home when she delivered their first child. She spoke about his generosity, his drive, his vision, his intelligence,
and why he would make a great president.

She spoke about her love for the country and how, nowhere else in the world, could her story have been duplicated.

Then she delivered a great tribute to Senator Hillary Clinton, and recalled how she delivered 18 million cracks on the glass ceiling -- a reference to the total votes Clinton earned during the primaries and how it repudiated the traditional cap on a woman's professional trajectory in this country.

Michelle reduced grown men and women to tears. The task to unify the Democratic Party going into the General Election is halfway complete.
Her task was to dispel all the myths and rumors disseminated about Michelle, falsely portraying her as some radical anti-American angry woman. She did so effectively and the country also saw a lovely American family moment at the end when her two lovely daughters joined her on stage and they all chatted with Obama via video link up.

"You work hard for what you want in life," is the motto that has sustained both her and Barack, Michelle said.

The impact of Michelle's speech is already being felt. A Wall Street Journal poll shows that 38% of whites surveyed have a positive image of Michelle Obama, while only 29% had a positive view of Cindy McCain.

Tonight, Senator Clinton will grab the baton from Michelle and continue the relay, heading towards Thursday, when Obama will run the final stretch.

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