Mitt Romney's Big Latino Problem

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[Black Star News Editorial]

Prospective Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has a Big Latino problem.

Romney, as with most Republicans rejected the Dream Act, which was a watered down immigration proposal. It would have paved the way for the children of undocumented immigrants who had lived in this country for some years, and had some military service to become permanent residents. The undocumented immigrants would also be of "good moral character."

Instead, Romney backs what he calls "voluntary deportation." In other words, these undocumented immigrants and their children would one day wake up and suddenly start trekking across the borders back from where they came. Such a brilliant idea we wonder why no one had ever figured it out before.

Now Romney has been palling around with Senator Marco Rubio, who is not as popular among Latinos as Romney hoped he'd be. A recent poll showed that Rubio would only give Romney a 2% bump in the Latino vote. President Barack Obama would still drown Romney. The Latino vote will help tip the scales in places like Colorado and the all-important Florida.

The Latino vote is even more critical in this year's presidential election. President Obama enjoys a huge lead right now over Romney; he also enjoys a huge lead when it comes to women and African American voters. Romney has said nothing to denounce the attacks on women by male Republican lawmakers who have been champions of promoting legislation that would mandate invasive vaginal exams before women were allowed access to contraception. Romney showed no courage and kept quiet. Yet he hopes to be a leader for all; women and men.

Romney, in his attempt to reach out to Black voters in the last election cycle posed with a group of African American children and said, "Who let the dogs out? Hooh-hooh!" He may have to work a bit harder than that.

Romney's primary problem is that he has always enjoyed a privileged lifestyle. He does not know how the other 99% live. That's why, without missing a beat he was able to tell CNN's Soledad O'brien that he didn't care about the very poor They would be provided for by the social safety net; the same safety net which he and his colleagues such as Rep. Paul Ryan hope to eliminate.

Romney would be a great president. Not for the 99% of Americans though; for the 1%.

Obama wants to be president for most Americans. Romney believes he's entitled to be president because of his wealth and pedigree.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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