Mitt Romney's Immoral Political Wedding To Racist Birther Donald Trump

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[Black Star News Editorial] 
Mitt Romney has no core at all. He's immorally teamed up with the outrageous Donald Trump, a leading Birther. How can a serious presidential candidate have anything to do with Trump?

because Romney wants to raise $2 million for his campaign -- his own
personal wealth is estimated at $500 million-- he's willing to appear with a Birther
who does not believe President Barack Obama is a citizen of the United

There is simply no excuse for this. By appearing with
Trump it means that Romney does not believe that Trump's lunatic
position is outrageous enough for him to dissociate himself from the
loud mouth. Does this mean Romney identifies with the Birthers? He clearly wants their votes.

Romney made the wrong calculation that only Black voters are outraged
by Trump's racist Birther campaign and therefore the cost and fallout is
worth the $2 million Trump is supposed to help raise? The nation should
reward Romney in November by repudiating both Trump's and Romney's
race-and-Birther baiting.

Romney wants to be president of the
United States on the ticket of a major established political party.
Instead of repudiating a Birther like Trump, he is actually embracing

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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