Mitt Romney's White Flag Of Surrender

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[Black Star News Editorial]

Mitt Romney just doesn't get it.

Romney surrendered 47% of the electorate with the verbal abuse, "My job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives."

Yet Romney is the candidate who's running allover the place declaring that, once again, "the president has waved the white flag of surrender" after President Obama yesterday said you can't change Washington from the inside. These were the exact words Romney himself used in the past.

Even then, just days after the Romneygate video emerged, showing him comfortably sharing his dismissive views towards the not-so-wealthy 47% of voters --Obama's supporters as Romney contends-- with his fellow super wealthy friends at a fund raising dinner, one wouldn't expect Romney to be talking about white flags.

But we've now become accustomed to expect anything from Romney.

The 47% and some of the 53% are beginning to learn more about Romney and many of them don't like what they're seeing. As a result President Obama has opened leads in several critical states going into the home stretch according to most polls, as the following breakdown shows:

Obama (49%) vs. Romney (44%)  Fox Poll
Ohio: Obama (50%) vs. Romney (43%) NBC/Wall Street Journal  Poll
Virginia: Obama (50%) vs. (46%) New York Times/Quinnipiac/CBS Poll
Wisconsin: Obama (51%) vs. Romney (45%) New York Times/Quinnipiac/CBS Poll
Colorado: Obama (48%) vs. Romney (47%) New York Times/Quinnipiac/CBS Poll
Iowa: Obama (50%) vs. Romney (42%)  NBC/Wall Street Journal  Poll
Nevada: Obama (49%) vs. Romney (46%) CNN/ORC International  Poll
New Hampshire: Obama (45%) vs. Romney (40%) WMUR Granite State Poll

These key battle ground states combine for a total of 110 electoral votes. Romney has to win either Florida with its 29 votes or Ohio with 18 to even have a chance at it. Yet, rather than talk about how hard he would work to earn the vote of every American, Romney told his fellow wealthy diners at the fundraiser that he would have a better chance of winning if he had been born Latino.

And he still runs around talking about a white flag?

Even if Romney's campaign advisors are incompetent he is not obligated to accept their recommendations or suggestions. That's why they are called advisors; he is the Presidential candidate and is expected to show presidential caliber decision making.

Why would Romney utter the words "white flag of surrender" given his own conduct? Could he be so clueless, that even after abandoning 47% of the electorate, Romney still does not consider that as surrender? Can anyone be so wealthy and so elitist and so removed from the real world where regular Americans exist that he doesn't see the 47% as part of a legitimate electorate?

Well now we know the answer to these questions thanks to Willard Mitt Romney.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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