Monseratte, Queens Ripper Strikes Again

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[Comment: The Albany Bloodbath]

The Queens Ripper struck again, this time in Albany.

Yet, at the same time, the Democrats got their just deserts yesterday when they lost control of the New York State Senate to Republicans when two Democrats, including the slasher, bolted the party.

There is abundant evidence that State Senator Hiram Monseratte, one of the turncoats, assaulted his girlfriend by smashing a glass into her face last year, apparently angered that she might have been seeing some other person as well.

At least that’s what the girlfriend told Police before she retracted. There is also a videotape showing her coming out of her apartment and then of Monseratte following her out and dragging her back inside.

She certainly didn’t smash the glass into her own face.

What did her good boyfriend say in his defense after he had convinced her to change her story? That he was delivering a drink to her and that he slipped and fell forward, glass-first, into her face.

Monseratte is obviously a big cad. He’s a woman-abuser and coward. Probably the kind of guy who would hit an 80 year-old man from behind. Who cuts up a woman and then says he tripped into her face?

None of his colleagues in the Senate believed the nonsense. Yet, most of them, including now ex-Majority Leader Malcolm Smith decided to give Moseratte “the benefit of the doubt.” Well he cut her up; now he cut them up.

Here’s where we won’t disbelieve people who insist that “the Creator works in mysterious ways.”

The Senators abandoned all dignity and pretense of having any principles when they protected Monseratte, who even organized a rally in his own support and had some misguided women speak out in his defense. The Senators demonstrated moral turpitude.

They could not be taken seriously thereafter by the electorate. That’s precisely why Monseratte also did not take them seriously and decided to stab all his fellow Democrats in the back.

How could they hope that Monseratte, who had already drawn the blood from his best teammate, wouldn’t cut them up as well?

Had the Democrats initiated steps to successfully remove Monseratte, he never would have been around to commit such treachery, with his fellow political Judas Pedro Espada Jr., who not surprisingly has been periodically investigated in connection with questionable campaign contributions.

In return Monserrate’s colleague, Espada, got to become the temporary Senate president; and he is now probably praying for Governor David Paterson’s ill health, since Paterson’s incapacitation leads to him becoming the state’s top executive.

Now what happens to key issues being discussed in the Senate?

Will the turncoats’ treachery now make it easier for Bloomberg to have mayoral control of the schools renewed?

So the cream of the crop rose to the occasion yesterday in Albany.

The Democratic Leadership have no one to blame but themselves.

When you sleep with pigs you get trichinosis; and when you sleep with dogs you get fleas.

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