Mount Vernon Splashes Into Summer

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[Public Service Announcement: Summer Times]

Swimming icon Maritza Correia will be coming to Mount Vernon to help the city “Make A Splash” just in time for pools and beaches to open on Memorial Day.

Mount Vernon’s Mayor Ernest D. Davis, in conjunction with the USA Swimming Foundation, the Mount Vernon YMCA, and the Department of Recreation are teaming up to offer this informational and fun day to swimmers of all ages on Saturday, May 26, 2012 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Mount Vernon YMCA, 20 South 2nd Avenue, Mount Vernon, New York.

“This is such a treat for our children,” said Mayor Ernest D. Davis. “They have an opportunity to personally interact with a young Black woman who has accomplished something historic. She’s young enough to help them see they too can do great things if they work hard and believe in their ability to succeed.”

Correia is not only the first African American to make the U.S. Olympic team, she was the first to win a medal and break a world record in swimming. Her record leading up to the Olympics is impressive.  The silver medalist will be on hand to host a swim clinic and sign autographs. “Events like ‘Make a Splash: Mount Vernon’ further the primary goals of USA Swimming and the USA Swimming Foundation, which is to grow the base of the sport and support water safety,” said Talia Mark, USA Swimming’s Multicultural Marketing Manager. “African American and Hispanic kids are vastly underrepresented in swimming and events like this help to open doors to healthy and beneficial activities.”

Make a Splash is the national child-focused water safety initiative of the USA Swimming Foundation. The initiative aligns the nation’s top learn-to-swim resources in an effort to save lives. To date 1.1 million children have taken lessons through the initiative. It is also an opportunity for families to get in the water and learn water safety rules from swim instructors.

Ten people drown every day in the U.S. The City of Mount Vernon wants to do its part to educate its community on the importance of water safety this summer. All Mount Vernon and surrounding community-area families are encouraged to attend “Make a Splash: Mount Vernon."

A street festival is also scheduled for the day. A number of interactive displays for children of all ages will be available. Vendor participation is still open but spaces are limited. Please contact Doug Davis of the Recreation Department at 914-665-2871 for additional information.
For more information on the USA Swimming Foundation’s program, visit them on the web at

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