Ms. Yetunde Taiwo: Fashion and Entertainment Entrepreneur

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Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself; where you were raised and the most important things you learned from your parents: Where did you go to school and what did you study/learn?
First I have to say thank you for the first interview you did on my company in 2008 right when I just stated ICY PR. It’s been a lovely growth process and I truly appreciate the editorial. My name is Yetunde Taiwo and I am a Fashion and Entertainment Entrepreneur with a focus on Public Relations and I have an intense passion for food, which is where Afropolitan Chef comes in.

I was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. There are so many important things I have learned from my parents. The most memorable however, is that space is my limit; it’s no longer just the sky. My mother always made me believe in my infinite possibilities, and from my father, I have learned that you have to keep your hunger and thirst for knowledge growing, no matter how old you think you are. I attended Loyola University and I graduated with a Degree in Communications.

Q: Tell us a little about What's unique about your company and when was it launched? What's it's Mission? Tell us how much you enjoy what you do?
Afropolitan Chef is a concept I created and I’m developing that focuses on the eating habits of a typical Cosmopolitan African. It’s a hybrid of meals inspired by African and Western foods infused with flavors, techniques and spices from different parts of the world. The mission is to teach people how to cook and eat like a Cosmopolitan African. My influence is West African, but the food perspective is global. Modern African cuisine finds inspiration in an abundance of cultures giving birth to its unique cuisine. I have been cooking since I was six years old. It’s a part of my life, so it certainly is something I do regularly and often. I enjoy cooking, experimenting with food, styling it and then eating it.

Q: Who are the ideal clientele of Whom do you target as your market or who are the clients who come looking for you?
The Ideal clientele for Afropolitan Chef is the individual who has a desire for flavorful, spicy and colorful meals. African meals have for long been hidden away from the world. We’ve found a way to make it approachable, appealing and engaging. My target audience is the worldly young professional who is always on the go and too busy to cook. I have two businesses and so many responsibilities. If I can make time to cook often, then so can the “busy professional”. You also get to save a lot of money and eat more nourishing meals. It’s a win win.

Q: What are some of the most popular dishes/recipes you'll offer?
There are so many easy and quick recipes, I don’t’ think I can pick less than five. The favorite has been the yam porridge. It’s quick easy and makes the perfect comfort food. The cookbook which will be coming out this summer will have at least 60 recipes that are quick easy and tasty. For now, people can follow the facebook page  to stay up to date or follow us on twitter@afropolitanchef

Q: What was the motivation for launching 
The idea/motivation of the concept came from my desire to share with the world my love for food from the region of the world where I grew up; West Africa. In October 2009 I took a picture with my blackberry bold of a meal I cooked and I have been posting pictures
of my food in my Eating Habits Album ever since. I received so many comments on the pictures and in my inbox from men and women alike excited about the versatility of how West African foods can be varied in presentation and combinations while infusing meals from western culture. On March 27th 2010 Regina Jane Jere Malanda, Editor of New African Woman Magazine saw the images of my foods and asked if I would be interested in being a food writer for her magazine. And she was going to pay me for it. Are you Kidding me? YES! I woke up one morning and had an absolute Eureka moment. “Yetunde, you need to write a cookbook”. It was a simple sentence that made absolute sense. I couldn’t argue with it, or talk myself out of it. I found my IT and my gosh it felt good. So I called my mother and told her about it. We were so giddy, we kept marveling at the thought of me having a cookbook. 

Q: If you controlled all the variables tell us where you would want to be five or 10 years from now?
If I controlled all the variables, I would want Afropolitan Chef to be a culinary brand just like Giada or Rachel Roy. My ultimate goal with this type of growth would be to partner with the World Food Programme and develop projects that help eliminate hunger across the world. I sincerely believe it is possible. For more on the World Food Programme, readers can log on to  

Q: In addition to the site how will you connect with clients or promote
The team has been working hard on packaging the brand for TV. So fingers crossed, Afropolitan Chef will be more than just a website or a cookbook. Our dream is that it becomes a recognizable brand that will help teach the world, through food about Africa; its culture, traditions and way of life.

Q: What are your own five favorite websites?
I LOVE the cooking channel  , ,  , 

Q: Any final words or observations?
I hope that people realize this is more than just about one person. It is a chance to teach the world and learn about Africa through food. It’s a chance for the world to learn about what seems to be the Enigma that is AFRICA.

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