My People--Cut The BS and Make Sure You Vote!

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Not-voting could guarantee victory for this dangerous fool Trump. Photo: Gage Skidmore
My people. We all know of the injustices we face and the ones on the horizon for the future. Although many are constantly reminding us of these realities, we must move forward with objective insight and practically.
How many times have you seen images and videos which are geared to increase your distrust of the government? We all should already know the real deal by now. So who gains by trying to discourage us further? Are they trying to unite us? Again I ask who gains? This is not the time to be indecisive. Those of us who are unsure or at worst, obstinate, and think not voting will help us and not hurt us may be mistaken. If you do not want to vote that is okay, but please do not erroneously attach “rightness” to a lack of participation, move forward with insight and objectivity.
In the last election, many of us abstained from voting. Whether or not our lack of voting made a difference is up for debate. But look at what we got! Non-voting is anti-revolutionary. Why? Because it is becoming obvious that there will not be an inkling of a successful revolution, in whatever form if any at all, under an authoritarian government led by a fool.
Life in this country has taken a turn for the worse. Like it or not if you live here, have family here, work here, or practice your religion here, the future will all be stifled if we do not make the decision to hold our nose and pull down that lever because there may not be another lever ever to pull again.
Thank you for your attention.
Cecil Lee
Concerned Reader

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