NATO's Illegal Libya Oil Crusade

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History and social and political events have shown that  most Western so-called "democracies" are based on lies to gain access to resources as part of their natural programs.

The deceptions are never based on the actual lies “themselves,” but are based on half truths. We can always see the inconsistencies in public statements by the overnments of Westerns powers.

The Western attack on Libya beginning last week and the bombing of Muammar Gaddafi’s compound in Tripoli epitomizes the more than criminal character of the war launched by the U.S. and its allies.

The British Defense Secretary Liam Fox has said that Gaddafi was a "legitimate target" in the massive air assault being wage by the United States, France and Britain against a virtually defenseless former colony of Italy.

Last Monday General Carter Hamm, who is the head of the American Command and overall commander of the forces attacking Libya, claimed that Gaddafi wasn’t being targeted. He defended the missile attacks asa means to degrade the Libyan government “command and control capability.”

Obviously the so-called "Western alliance" is meeting resistance. The British Daily Mail reported that M16 undercover agents were calling Gaddafi’s Military staff and generals warning them that if they were todefect, they wouldn’t be targeted.

In reality, the purpose of the UN-sanctioned aggression is not to protect Libyan civilians, but to destroy Gaddafi’s military infrastructure and, if possible, to assassinate Gaddafi himself--then replace his government with a more docile and compliant tool of the U.S. and its partners and Western oil multinationals.

President Barack Obama is more than going out of his way to retrieve the barbaric veneer of Ronald Reagan andGeorge W. Bush. He instigated the war on the eighth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. It was also around the time 25 years ago when Gaddafi’s compound was bombed during the Ronald Reagan Administration; 60 Libyans were killed, including Gaddafi’s daughter.

For all of the talk of a limited and narrowly defined intervention, the U.S. pushed for language in the UN resolution passed last Thursday sanctioning “all necessary measures” against Gaddafi’s forces. This provided a green light for the all out war
we now see.

The intended ruling out of “occupation troops” is another sham and lie. The British Prime Minister David Cameron has already said British troops could be introduced for the "alleged" function of keeping watch over the arms embargo, without violating the UN resolution.

For in the last decade Gaddafi has enjoyed warm relations with Washington and the European capitals, having agreed to close down his nuclear facilities, collaborating with the US “war on terrorism” and awarding profitable oil concessions to Western multinationals and corporations.

The way the West flipped on Gaddafi is nothing new. The U.S. flipped on Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, Panama’s Manuel Noriega, Somalia’s Muhammad Aideed, and Serbia’s Slobodan Milosevic.

Washington has seized on the uprising against Gaddafi based in the east, and has had a hand in trying to remove Gaddafi and to fashion a new colonial-style regime. Through much of North Africa, and the Middle East, the U.S. is trying to pre-empt outright revolutions; including in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and to guard a key ally the state of Israel, trumping all other considerations.

More bombs rained on Tripoli and elsewhere this week.

Charred bodies of the retreating Gaddafi troops littered the roads outside of Benghazi. President Obama reiterated that the goal of the bloodbath was the removal of Gaddafi. It is “still US policy thatGaddafi needs to go,” Obama said at a press conference in Santiago, Chile.

With the typical cowardly double-talk, Obama, David Cameron and Nicholas Sarkozy seek to combine the demand for regime change with pledges to "allow the Libyan people to decide their own fate."

In fact, the aggression against is aimed precisely at pre-empting the Libyans from determining their destiny; by preventing the further radicalization of the masses of the working class to take the lead in Libya and the entire region. This is the only
way people in the region would break the stranglehold of the West. They would form governments that make all political decisions in their material interests of development.

The United States can never allow any leader to challenge its authority with impunity. Last Sunday on the Morning TV talk shows, pundits such as former Democratic vice presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman claimed once the U.S. demanded for the resignation of  Gaddafi, as Obama has, he would have to go--U.S. reputation was at stake he reckoned.

This latest display of imperialist military firepower is also intended to intimidate the revolutionary aspirations of the working masses and the youth throughout the region.

The entire post-World War II framework of international law has more than collapsed. It has been supplanted by the reassertion of war as a legitimate toll of foreign policy--along with such practices as torture and targeted assassinations.

History is the only vehicle and weapon that the masses of people have in understanding their plight and direction forward to a more self-determining life.

For History is on their side but not time.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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