New York Police Go Wilding: Run Over Black Man With Vehicle

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[The Police Watch] 

there was Abner Louima, and then there were Amadou Diallo, Patrick
Dorismond, Sean Bell, Ramarley Graham, and now there’s Tamon Robinson.

history of abuse and murder of Black men at the hands of the New York
Police Department (NYPD) must be addressed and dealt with immediately.

the 200-year history of the NYPD there has never been a case of an
unarmed White male being murdered by officers. The horrific acts of
racism and discrimination are only being carried out against people of
color.  The abuses against Black men by the NYPD brings to mind the former Apartheid South African regime's systemic targeting of the African population. Recent reports exposed the routine use of racist words such as "niggers" to refer to Black suspects. Over
the years New York City residents have participated in marches,
boycotts, petitions and sit-ins that were lead by our elected officials
and political activists. Still, the abuse and murder of Black men at the
hands of the NYPD continues unabated. It’s clear that the NYPD is
targeting Black men.

On the morning of April 12, Tamon Robinson, 27, was
loading paving stones into an SUV at Bayview Houses in Canarsie when
police saw him and believed he was stealing them, according to media
accounts. Robinson ran towards his home and police chased him in their

Robinson, in addition to working as a barista,
sold scrap buildings material. Family members say he actually had
permission to take the pavers, according to media accounts.  One
witness reported seeing him flying in the air after he was struck by the
police car; police claim he "ran" into the car which had tried to cut
him off.

Yes, police chased him
in their vehicle and deliberately ran him over, according to witnesses.
He was then handcuffed by the police, continuously slapped in the face,
and told to "wake up." When he didn’t respond, he was taken to a nearby
hospital, where he was later pronounced dead

Sanford Rubinstein, who focuses on police brutality cases, is representing the family. 

With the case of Tamon
Robinson, and cases like the murder of unarmed Bronx teen Ramarley
Graham earlier this year, along with the record 350,743 Black people who
were illegally stopped and frisked by the NYPD in 2011, it’s clear that
the U.S. Department of Justice needs to investigate the targeting of
Black men by the NYPD.

There is a pressing need for outside intervention before it's too late.

the grassroots level we must continue to mobilize, organize and express
our dissatisfaction with the NYPD’s treatment of Black men. 

must hold our elected officials accountable to addressing our concerns,
and making sure that our rights are protected. As we enter the
presidential election season, we must bring these and other pressing
issues, which directly affect us to the forefront. 

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