Newt Gingrich: Say No To The N-Word

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[Black Star News Commentary]

"Food Stamp President" is Code for N-Word President

South Carolinian voters Saturday rewarded the King of hate, race-baiting Newt Gingrich with enough votes to decisively rout Mitt Romney.

Rick Santorum and Ron Paul trailed. Earlier, Rick Perry had dropped out.

Preliminary estimates showed Gingrich winning with a margin anywhere from 12- to 16 points. Just last week he was down by more than 10 points.

Then he intensified his race-baiting and brushed off questions about his ex-wife's claims that he dumped her after she refused to transform their marriage into an "open" one so he could continue cheating with Callista, who is now wife number three.

He then galloped to victory in South Carolina.

Gingrich sounds like a nasty old racist. He makes die-hards who yearn for the 1960s real proud. He may be the last of that breed to give a serious run for The White House.

Gingrich knows it's impermissible for prominent politicians to use the N-word in the 21st century to describe Black folk. But Gingrich knows there are other ways of using the N-word; through codes.

He has developed the best code-speak for the N-word. He does it so well that he's even able to call Barack Obama the N-word. He refers to him as the "Food Stamps President." He repeated the slur in his South Carolina victory speech.

Heading into the 2012 election season, Gingrich started talking about young Blacks; he claimed they had no role models in their neighborhoods except criminals. Yet, being the benevolent old Bwana, he proposed that they be made assistant janitors and taught how to clean toilets.

Gingrich declared that he wanted to spread his wisdom to top Black leaders. So if the NAACP invited him to give an address, he would recommend that they tell Black folk to renounce welfare and demand for paychecks.

He implied: Why would anyone in their right mind prefer welfare to paychecks? The choice was obvious to Gingrich yet it had never occured to millions of Black people, including the leadership. Even with unemployment recently above 9% there were actually jobs and paychecks waiting for Black folk; now if only they would abandon their welfare addiction.

It wasn't only low-income Black folk who couldn't quit the welfare habit. You can take a Black man all the way to The White House; but you can't slap the Blackness off. That's how the U.S. ended up with Barack Obama, a "Foodstamps President."

Gingrich knows and exploits the widespread legend-- that Black folks, or the N-word folks, prefer foodstamps to gainful employment. By calling Obama the "Foodstamps President" (wink, wink) Gingrich knows his followers, especially those like the ones who voted for him in South Carolina, know that he's referring to him as the N-word.

They just love it.

It doesn't matter to Gingrich that the majority of food stamp recipients are White and that many recipients (of all ethnic or racial groups) actually work and yet still need food assistance.

He ignores the fact that when Obama took office, the economy was shedding almost 800,000 jobs a month and that the president reversed the trend and may have prevented a Great Depression. Almost 1.5 million net new jobs have been created.

Gingrich knows that hate pays for certain constituencies.

In South Carolina, when FOX News' Juan Williams asked him about his slandering of Black folk, he denied that that was his intention. He  repeated the fact that the U.S. now has the most people receiving foodstamps than at any point.  Facts are facts, Gingrich says. A few days later, a woman at a campaign event he was addressing thanked him for "putting Williams" who is Black, in his place. Gingrich nodded approvingly.

When John King asked him about his ex-wife's claims --she said he proposed an open marriage while he continued to preach the sanctity of marriage and family-- he put on a display of phony outrage. Gingrich berated King; how dare you ask me about such salacious allegations.

But facts are facts. Can't be preaching morals when you're immoral.

Women, and other voters need to be reminded about Gingrich's mistreatment of his past wives; this speaks to his core character. This would be a good moment for women's organizations to start showing up at his campaign events,  holding up signs reminding Gingrich about these unpleasant "facts."

Black folk should also show up at Gingrich events wearing T-shirts proclaiming "Say No to the N-Word."

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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