No Third And Fourth Terms For Emperor Bloomberg

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[National: Commentary]

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has deemed himself to be too important to gracefully retire after two terms. 

Mayor Bloomberg wishes to have the voters of New York think of him in terms of being an avuncular politician, who is central to the prosperity of New York City. There is another side to Mayor Bloomberg that people from his past profession know. While employed by Salomon Brothers, Bloomberg was known as a nasty, egocentric individual. As Mayor of New York City Bloomberg cannot be nasty; but Bloomberg continues to be egocentric.

No politician is so important that he cannot gracefully retire after two terms as Mayor. Ed Koch was Mayor for three terms-and his third term imploded in scandal.

Rudolph Giuliani thought that he was too important to retire after two terms as Mayor; after 9-11 he sought to have his Mayoral term extended by fiat but was rebuffed.

Mayor Bloomberg cites the current financial crisis to demonstrate that he, and only he, possesses the requisite knowledge to lead New York City out of the wilderness.

Many people do not remember that in New York City there once resided an elected official who was the most important elected official ever to assume office in the United States. When he was approached by followers to have a third term, this elected official refused. He knew that there were always others, who could ably succeed him.

Who was he? 

President George Washington. And if George Washington believed that other individuals could ably lead the newly formed United States; I am sure that George Washington would believe that someone other than Bloomberg could lead New York City.


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