Not Ready For Prime Time: How Citizen Cain Mishandled The Alleged Sexual Harassment Charges...

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[Black Star News Editorial]

Straight-talker Herman Cain Goes Mum

Herman Cain vaulted in the polls primarily because he was viewed by his supporters as the anti-politician. A "straight talker."

Turns out it was a bunch of bull. Faced with his 3AM moment, to borrow from Hillary Clinton, Cain is exposed as a fraud.

Instead of ordering the National Restaurant Association to release all documents related to the sex-assault allegations against him and details of the reported $75,000 in setllement paid to two accusers Cain now says he needs to consult with his attorneys first.

What happened to Mr. Straight Talking anti-politician? And where's the Herman Cain who said racism is no longer a major problem in this country? His supporters, including Rush Limbaugh, now claim Cain is the victim of high-tech lynching by racist liberal pundits and journalists.

Cain, to our knowledge, has not repudiated this preposterous assertion by Limbaugh, who is a first class undiluted racist to boot.

What's more troublesome beyond the accusations by the women against Herman Cain is the manner in which he's handled the reports since Politico broke the news last Sunday.

Cain first said: he had never sexually harassed anyone; he said he was "not aware" of any settlement of the sexual harassment allegations against him by the NRA, even though he had been the CEO of the group; he later said he did not recall that there had been an "agreement" but he didn't believe that it was the same thing as a "settlement," and; Cain later said an accuser was paid three months salary, and it's now reported that in fact one accuser was paid $35,000 and another one paid $40,000.

Cain may be right --but so far no evidence has emerged-- when he contends that the Rick Perry campaign leaked the story about the sexual harassment allegations as part of a smear campaign in order to undermine his campaign.

The Perry campaign denies Cain's charges and says it's possible Mitt Romney's campaign may have actually leaked the story about the allegations.

That was yesterday--today Cain's people say Perry's people may not have anything to do with leaking the story at all.

The circus has completely undermined Cain's credibility and he's not as jocular and confident as he previously was. Earlier today he refused to answer any more questions when confronted by a scrum of reporters: "excuse me!," "excuse me!," "excuse me!" Cain barked at the journalists.

Cain did himself in with his wavering and shifting statements. He kept the story alive. In the meantime, a third accuser has now emerged and there's no saying other women won't step forward with accusations against Cain.

This page has no sympathy for Herman Cain.

In addition to dismissing the prevelance of racism in the United States, and saying he'd have a litmus test to weed out Muslims from government, Cain famously told the poor and the unemployed not to blame anyone but themselves. They should "get a job" and "take responsibility" he ordered. He also waxed eloquent about building an electrified fence on the border that would electrocute Mexicans trying to sneak into the U.S.

Now facing challenges to his reputation and  credibility, Herman Cain and his handlers blame everyone -- liberals and political opponents.

Take a dose of your own medicine Herman. Blame yourself!

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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