Obama’s Candidacy Ends Tyranny

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Re: “Shame On Charlie Rangel,” www.blackstarnews.com Feb. 28, 2008.

Rangel, Dinkins and Butts all represent politics of the past.

It was expected that they would back the traditional party line that does not allow outsiders, young people or room for fresh ideas.

I do not recall the Clintons standing by Dinkins side when Rudy Giuliani was fueling racial hatred toward Dinkins when he was Mayor of New York City. These politicians simply fail to understand that the Dot.com generation does not care for traditional party structures where party bosses have determined the outcome of elections for generations prior.

The Dot.com and Generation Xers are determined to blaze their own path to an all inclusive America where ones values is determined by his or her contribution to society.

Ironically, the “democratic party” style of politics is so reminiscent of the old Soviet or Chinese Politburo system that suppressed the voices of the people for over six decades. How can someone be in Congress for longer than the majority of the population he represents has been alive?

Clinging on to power simply only guarantees one thing: that they lose touch with the majority of the people. They are not different from African dictators like Kenya’s Mwai Kibaki or Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni who hold on to power for 20-plus years while their people die by the thousands daily.

After a while, their sole purpose for being in office becomes repaying their king-makers and that's what we are witnessing in Rangel, Dinkins and others. While the likes of Butts are only looking to enhance their financial value by aligning with the "right" candidates; even at the objection of their flock. That kind of politics is what Americans are now rejecting by overwhelmingly supporting Senator Barack Obama.

With respect to the issue of superdelegates, this system violates the most fundamental pillar of democracy as defined as "one man, one vote" by giving veto power to a few hundred individuals to overrule the will of millions of voters. More than 20 million Americans have voted in the Democratic Party primaries so far; how can these votes be nullified by less than 1,000 individuals?

Ironically, this system reflects the economic structure of the United States were 2% of the population control over 90% of the wealth of the nation. 

All these years Americans, especially African Americas were mislead by certain White liberals to believe that the White people of the hinterland –Middle America— were the main obstacles to the progress African Americans and Latinos. The success of Barack Obama has certainly debunked that myth and demonstrated that White hinterland Americans are actually more open-minded than we have been deceived into believing for generations. After all, they have been more open to Obama’s message than have some of the so-called “liberal” eastern states.

Obama has been able to present a credible case for change directly to people, including hinterland Americans. Communications between African Americans and Whites from the hinterland have always been filtered through the prism of White Liberals. The lesson from this is that White America is more open minded than the party-talking heads and spin doctors have portrayed them. 

America will never be the same again. Looking forward to the next two decades, I recommend that African Americans divest their political interests from the Democratic Party and diversify by becoming stockholders in other parties such as the Republican Party or Independent Party. That is the only way to ensure they remain politically relevant in the United States.

Had it not been for Obama's brilliant performance during this election cycle, African Americas would have been taken for granted again by the party establishment lead by false messiahs such as Clinton, Rangel, Dinkins, Butts and others.

I applaud the African American leaders who had the vision and courage to support Obama from the beginning.

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