Obama Appeals To Key Constituents While Romney Promises The Moon

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[Black Star News Editorial]

There were no fireworks but President Obama did what he needed to do to win the first debate Wednesday evening.
Romney promised the impossible while Obama reached the most critical constituency of seniors in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio, as well as young voters.
The president reminded seniors that a President Romney would turn Medicare into a voucher program and destroy the traditional system that has sustained older Americans for decades.
The president also reminded Americans that if Romney were allowed to repeal Obamacare millions of Americans, including those with pre-existing conditions wouldn't be able to get medical coverage and seniors would not be able to afford prescription drugs.
The president also reminded viewers that Romney's plans for $5 trillion in tax cuts --with no new revenue-- meant that the middle class would bear the brunt of the cost of lowering the deficit.
President Obama reminded voters that when he took office the nation was shedding jobs, the financial industry was on wobbly legs, the auto industry was on the verge of collapse and there was a $1 trillion deficit fueled by two wars that were not paid for.
Obama also reminded young voters that he had reduced the cost of borrowing for student loans by cutting out the middlemen: he pointed out that Romney had suggested that young people who wanted to go to college should borrow money from their parents.
Romney stuck to what he's been saying during his campaign speeches: that he plans to create 12 million new jobs; that he would repeal Obamacare, although he never said what he would replace it with; and that he would get the government out of the way and allow entrepreneurs to lead the job growth.
Romney repeatedly denied that he would cut taxes by $5 trillion. He again refused to disclose how he would reduce the deficit while lowering the tax rate across the board and increasing military spending by $2 trillion.
Romney claimed he would be able to make his proposal revenue neutral by closing loopholes and deductions. The president again asked Romney to provide specific plans: he asked why Romney was keeping the specifics about his plans a "secret" from the American public.
"I will lower taxes on middle income families," Romney said, vowing that he also wouldn't lower taxes on wealthy families.
"When you add up all loopholes and deductions," the savings still wouldn't come close to balancing out the $5 trillion in tax cuts, Obama said.

This was the first of three debates and focused on domestic issues.

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