Obama: Beware Of Bill Clinton

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[Black Star News Editorial]

The display of unity today and the charitable words that both Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had for each other today is an encouraging development for the Democrats’ prospects of ending Republican incompetence in November.

Much work still needs to be done. And while Senator Clinton said all the right things, who knows what machinations her devious husband Bill Clinton is up to.

The former president has yet to endorse Senator Obama and did not make an appearance in the town of Unity, N.H., where the former rivals met today.

Word is that Bill Clinton is taking his wife’s defeat even harder than Hillary herself. Yet his silence can only suggest two things. He has a few big dirty tricks left up his sleeves.

Either Clinton will somehow work his magic to ensure that Senator Obama loses in November so his wife has another shot, since the aged John McCain, at best, would be a one-term president, or he is still holding out for a VP spot on Obama’s ticket for his wife.

A VP spot would be the best of both worlds for the Clintons. If Obama won, Clinton would use her VP pulpit to continue garnering major media coverage and hope that Obama slips badly over the next four years so that she can run again; if Obama lost, then it would even be much better for Clinton. She would be able to say, “I told you to nominate me.”

So, even if Clinton were to be offered the VP spot, there is no knowing what Bill Clinton and his acolytes would do in the background. Would they work hard for an Obama victory? This is highly debatable, since there is always the possibility that he would be a two-termer, meaning Hillary Clinton would be over 68 before she get another shot at the White House.

These are the kind of machinations that Obama and his advisers must be pondering even as the two candidates now make joint appearances and smile and share generous words.

Our money is on Bill Clinton working in the background to torpedo Obama’s bid for the White House – we don’t harbor any illusions of the Clintons, especially Bill, being team players.

To create the political environment for his wife’s run, Bill Clinton sabotaged Al Gore’s bid by not vigorously campaigning for him and when John Kerry needed him, he was nowhere to be found. Two disastrous George Bush terms now have the country craving for a Democrat. Naturally Bill Clinton believed and may still believe that Democrat is his wife.

Bill Clinton must have made a solemn promise to reward his wife with the White House after his great betrayal with the “affair.” Nothing that’s transpired convinces us that his determination to deliver has changed.

Does he know of or is he even involved in working on a bombshell revelation that he still hopes will derail Obama and force the Democratic gatekeepers to turn to his wife? What a dramatic and glorious moment that would be for the Clintons.

Bill Clinton has again spoken very loudly, with his silence, and with his failure to endorse Senator Obama.
So, Bill Clinton – and possibly Hillary— must be regarded as a political opponent in the same way that McCain is seen.

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