Obama Fails The Gaza Test

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[Black Star News Editorial]

More than 420 people have now died from the Israeli assault on Gaza, with continuous aerial bombardment attacks, according to media reports.

President Bush has already abdicated, having retired to Texas for what he loves doing best; barbecues.

This was the time for President Elect Barack Obama to make a strong statement. He has not said anything; he has failed his first test as incoming president abysmally.

It’s not enough for the incoming Administration to argue that George Bush is still president. Obama has made his preferences known over the last few weeks in terms of how to handle the financial meltdown. In fact, Bush officials have consulted with Obama’s incoming staff prior to any major decisions being made. Obama has made several statements on the economy, and has even already devised a $750 billion stimulus of his own, in addition to all the programs that have been announced by the Bush Administration.

Now when it comes to a vicious and disproportionate attack by Israel that has already claimed the lives of many children and women, the President Elect is not permitted to say a word because of some sort of protocol? What kind of nonsense is this?

Maybe Obama believes that Hamas will be weakened and the Palestinian authority under Mahmoud Abbas will become the main negotiating partner for a comprehensive
peace solution. We doubt that Hamas can be eliminated that simply; after all, the group did beat the Palestinian Authority in elections there.

And then, how would Obama be able to argue that his administration would be objective when brokering a Middle East peace deal?

Meanwhile, the Palestinians, who certainly cannot match Israel’s U.S.-supplied firepower continue to get pummeled, while the emasculated major countries like Egypt stand by and watch.

Gazans had already been suffering from an inhumane economic embargo that has threatened supplies of food and medicine in the region.

No one is arguing that Hamas wasn’t reckless and invited retaliation with its rocket attacks into Israel. Yet, the response has been way out of proportion and will only empower Hamas and its supporters in Syria and Iran, when video images of the deaths of hundreds of women and children are beamed around the world.

The inauguration is still more than two weeks away. Somehow, we don’t believe Obama can afford to remain mute until then.

The Gaza attacks, without consideration to the growing civilian deaths, using American weapons, also damages the U.S.'s global reputation.

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