Obama Haters Swallow McCain Drool

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[Election 2008: Black Star News Editorial]


As Senator Barack Obama widens his lead in the national polls over Senator John McCain, the prospective Republican nominee has abandoned his so-called straight talk strategy and resorted to mud-and-slime.

Because Obama is able to attract huge crowds here and in Europe, he’s now accused by McCain of being a celebrity comparable to the dim-witted Paris Hilton.

The implication is that somehow Obama attracts celebrity attention but has no substance. The fact of the matter is that Obama, unlike McCain, is celebrated because he combines charisma and confidence with exceptional intelligence, wisdom, and foresight.

McCain’s decision to adopt cheap shots politics won’t work and reflects negatively on him: A 72-year old senior citizen who has faced questions about his health conditions and about his uncontrollable anger –including accusations that he’s referred to his wife with the “C” word-- and his mental stability should not be engaging in such personal attack strategies.

This gives a bad name to senior citizens.

Clearly McCain is being assisted by a few Obama-haters in media. The thought of a confident Black candidate doesn’t always sit very well with the media elite, especially when they’re not responsible for “anointing” the candidate—some of these reporters need to learn to cope with their own inadequacies and shortcomings.

When Maureen Dowd refers to Obama as “The One,” it just shows that she is shallow and petty. She knows that she has a column printed in a large circulation newspaper and she knows that the reference will have the intended, albeit undeserved impact; which is to denigrate a candidate whose only sin is being popular, adored, charismatic and intelligent.

Another writer referred to Obama as morphing from the Democratic presumptive candidate to the “presumptuous” candidate.

Such childish journalism isn’t cute at all and just shows how easy it is to have gullible reporters swallow McCain propaganda drool as writers try to out-do each other to see who can come up with the best ways to denigrate a frontrunner—rather than comparing each candidate’s solution for the nation’s woes. They do readers a grave disservice by focusing on impressing their peers in journalism.

The Obama-hate by some dim-witted journalists come after his recent overseas tour and parrots McCain’s current bitterness even though it was McCain himself who dared Obama to travel to Iraq and other parts of the world. McCain only changed his tune when he saw the way Obama was hailed allover the world. Would some of the media elite have preferred that Obama be booed in the places he visited? Would that reflect well on the United States?


Moreover, why shouldn’t Obama exude confidence if he believes that he has a better plan than Senator McCain has? Why would he be running for president in the first place if he was not presumptuous enough to believe that he was qualified?

Should Senator Obama be penalized because only 53 people showed up –these are our own estimates—when McCain travelled abroad while 200,000 showed up in Germany to see Obama and 75,000 in Oregon?

Are McCain and his acolytes in media really suggesting that those who showed up in Oregon, “hard-working white Americans” as Hillary Clinton would say—were simply star struck?

Similarly, are we to believe that the more than 18 million Americans who voted for Obama were also in a Paris Hilton-induced comatose? What an extremely foolish proposition. It will only backfire on McCain and it’s clearly a sign that he is in panic mode.

McCain has good reason to panic. The Republicans have presided over an economic decline of epic proportions. Recent job losses approach 500,000 and all signs indicate that things will get worse--McCain famously declared that he knows nothing about the economy, thereby abdicating any claims to the presidency.

With a $500 billion deficit looming, McCain’s plans to increase tax breaks to the wealthy can only be described as La-La-Land economics; totally out of this universe. He has no plans for the energy crisis beyond parroting the senseless proposal that we must resume “drilling,” as if pipes could then be connected from the drilling sites and oil carried to gas stations without even the need for refineries.

On the mortgage crisis, as with the healthcare industry debacle, he famously declared “let’s let the market work things out.” Duh! These kinds of statements raise questions about his alertness and aptitude—the markets have been left to “work things out,” and that’s precisely why the nation finds itself in these conditions. The “markets” also gave us Enron and Bear Sterns; how quickly we forget.

Senator Obama on the other hand proposes a multi-billion dollars jobs-driven recovery
program that will not only repair the country’s infrastructure but also create tens of thousands of jobs in the process and provide Americans with paychecks for their families.

Thankfully, someone has been listening to some of the policies outlined by Senator Obama—and that’s President George Bush. The president not only engaged North Korea in productive negotiations that resulted in an agreement on its nuclear energy program but his emissaries are now conducting a similar approach with Iran; it’s a strategy Obama advocated all along that was widely ridiculed by Hillary Clinton and McCain.

The White House also admitted that the Administration is evaluating a time line for withdrawing American troops from Iraq; McCain on the other hand peddles a 100-years occupation solution.

Just a few weeks ago, McCain was deriding Obama’s proposal to deploy more US troops to Afghanistan, where conditions are quickly unraveling: Now he agrees with Senator Obama and is calling for an additional 15,000 US troops.

McCain may have military experience but clearly Barack Obama has better military judgment. He is more suitable to become the nation’s commander in chief –to guide us towards economic recovery and peace.


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