Obama: President For All Americans

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[Black Star News Editorial]

America needs an honest president who can lead by the courage of his convictions. A president who is a visionary.

A president who believes, like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did, that all great societal  transformations begin with a dream.

A president who can bring the nation together –Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Asians—and forge a working relationship with Republicans.

America needs a president that is not worn down by the rat race that is Washington, D.C.

America needs a youthful, intelligent and energetic president who can bring change to the country and end the “business as usual” mentality that has gripped the entire nation in the political, social and especially the economic arenas.

America needs a leader who is not identified with the politics of cynicism, mud-slinging and bigotry. America needs a leader who can make people proud to go out to vote again.

America needs a leader who can make the word “politics” respectable again.

America needs a leader who can bring all the races together without thinking that the president will favor one race over the other---indeed, a leader that can be embraced by all races.

America needs a leader with credibility. A leader who will be respected by members of both political parties.

America needs a leader who has not been compromised and who does not have too many favors to repay to entrenched interest groups, union bosses or church leaders.

America needs a president who can energize the nation and prepare it for the difficult task ahead –the challenge of ending the War in Iraq and bringing the troops home with dignity and putting the trillions of dollars now being squandered into economic recovery.

American needs a leader that had the foresight to oppose the war even before it was launched.

America needs a president that empathizes with the developing world and can rally all nations to engage in the war on poverty as well as legitimate battles against global terrorism.

America needs a President that Democrats, Republicans and Independents can be proud of. America needs a President that is not polarizing---A President for the present and the future. A President that will shut the door to past wars between Democrats and Republicans. A President always able to forge a consensus.

America needs a president for All Americans.

America needs Barack Obama.

The Black Star News endorses Senator Barack Obama as the Democratic Party nominee for President. Voters will never regret this stellar choice.


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