Obama: The Great “World-Hope�

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[The View From London]

People get ready, this is real---the man is going all the way.

I’m talking about Senator Barack Obama. 

We’ve all heard of the boxing term “Great White Hope”;  well for the first time we now have the “Great World-Hope,” in the realm of global politics, or the less catchy term, the “Great Hope” for the world.

Many people love America and Americans. The US lets in more legal immigrants every year than any other industrialized country—it’s the destination of choice for those seeking to better their lot in life.

But people around the world absolutely deplore the strategies employed by the Bush Administration---designed to maintain and entrench America’s hegemony visa-vis other nations. America is seen lashing out, more often, than reaching out to other nations.  People feel that America makes far too many unilateral decisions that have an adverse effect on the rest of the world.

America is aggressively pursuing its foreign policy with little regard to collateral damage. The Bush Administration is bellicose, belligerent, hawkish, pugilistic and draconian; and, if America makes the same mistake by putting the Republicans back in the White House come November, the world will be plunged into an all-out conflagration.

Obama, on the other hand, inspires hope----to the people he represents a new beginning----his appeal transcends race barriers, as has been proven by the overwhelming White-votes he has so far received.

Barack Obama leads the way in the delegates count and the popular vote over Senator Hillary Clinton; he has won more than twice the number of states. With Obama, we are not witnessing a transient trend---he is future of world politics.  If any of us had a latent interest in world affairs, Barack Obama would have surely awoken them.

That’s why we must all be vigilant. When I learnt of the shambles involving so-called “Secret Service” security arrangements at one of Senator Obama’s rallies, in Texas, when thousands of people were allowed into a rally without being searched, I thought to myself---there they go, leaving the stage clear for someone to do his thing!

This incident was very disturbing. Metal detectors were dismantled with many people still lining to get in the hall to watch and listen to the profundities of Obama’s speech; the excuse given was that it was done to speed up the flow of people going into the Arena.

We must challenge these types of blatant negligence and demand a full investigation.

With the Clinton’s having, seemingly, exhausted most of their potent negative campaign tactics to derail Obama from his course towards the top job---we must especially be alert about other negative elements.

Hillary Clinton recently said, inter alia, that, “The Nation was coming back.” When you decrypt the nuanced message it basically means that Americans will never elect an African-American for President---so she thinks.

Clinton is a straight-up liar as Sniper-Gate has proven. How does one make up such a story; and then tell it to the whole world? You see, we are not talking about a slip-of-the-tongue or a mix-up with a different trip. I don’t believe she has been on any trip, abroad or within the US, where she had to run with her head down to avoid sniper shots.

Clinton did not speak extemporaneously----this was a calculated lie that was repeated on at least three separate occasions.

Thank-God honest Sinbad was there. She owes him an apology for dismissing him as a mere "comedian" when he contradicted her lie.

Clinton probably wishes, instead of running for the presidency, that she was in “A Different World” after her lies were exposed.

Clinton has no respect for the American electorate---she is in contempt of the nation.

The Clintons must be sequestered now.

Columnist Allimadi lives in London.


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