Occupy Wall Street...In Pictures

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[Black Star News Editorial]

Now in its third week, the "Occupy Wall Street" campaign had its largest draw yesterday when union supporters boosted the turn-out for a march to an estimated 20,000-plus people. Yesterday's march was peaceful; it was only at the end that the police unleashed batons and pepper spray.
The daily protests have mostly been confined to Zuccotti Park, near Wall Street. The showings, to denounce corporate greed --the CEOS of Fortune 500 companies earn $11 million each on average while American workers earn $33,000-- have sparked similar campaigns elsewhere in the country, including in Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston and other American cities.
The protests come at a time when more than 25 million Americans are out of work, when those who've stopped searching are included in the count. Unemployment nationally supposedly stands at 9.1% but in some Black neighborhoods in places like Newark, among males of a certain working age range it's probably over 50%.
The "Occupy Wall Street" campaign is now drawing more national and international attention since it got the blessings of union leaders, including of the A.F.L.-C.I.O, the powerful umbrella for unions throughout the country. Yesterday members of various unions, including Transport Workers Union local 100 joined the march.
The captains of finance on Wall Street and the wealthiest of rich Americans should pay attention to Warren Buffet's suggestions. Contribute a larger share of their billions and hundreds of millions into the Treasury so the U.S. economy can be saved.

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