Of Course, Spitzer Must Resign

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[Black Star Editorial]

New York governor and Hillary Clinton super delegate Eliot Spitzer apparently has been let down because he pulled his zippers down with the wrong person----a prostitute.

Yet it’s not so much that Spitzer consorted with the high-priced prostitutes, apparently on numerous occasions. Spitzer was having sex with prostitutes while he was New York State’s attorney general; the top law enforcement official.

He continued frequenting with prostitutes even after he became governor, the state’s top executive. The last visit was apparent on February 13, on Valentine’s Eve. On his way back, he might have picked up some flowers and chocolate for his wife. Then the next day, he was back at work ---as NY State’s number one executive.

The double-life was disturbing, not only on the personal level since that’s something he has to deal with between himself and his family; but it also means that attorney general Spitzer, then governor Spitzer, must have been exposed to possible extortion. Which makes us wonder what crimes might have not been vigorously prosecuted --or shielded-- during this period because Spitzer might have faced blackmail.

And what about all those crimes that Spitzer prosecuted as attorney general? Could those prosecutions and subsequent convictions --especially in cases involving prostitution-- now be compromised or at least challenged?

Spitzer was merciless and even reckless in his prosecutions even when his targets were small organizations such as the Black empowerment charity, The Black United Fund of New York (BUFNY). Five years since he launched a "probe" and drove out its leadership, including Kermit Eady, no wrong doing was ever established or announced; meanwhile, the organization's flagship building in Harlem is now a bar.

At the very least governor Spitzer must resign while all these issues are resolved. Engaging in such patently illegal activity is very different from molesting a young intern in the White House. Moreover, this is a national presidential election year and Spitzer would provide too much fodder for Republicans.





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