Ol' Dirty Bastard Dead

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Roc-a-Fella Records recording artist Russell Jones, aka ODB, aka Ol' Dirty Bastard, aka Dirt McGirt, aka Big Baby Jesus, died of a heart attack suddenly in a Manhattan music studio on November 13th. The gregarious gangsta' rapper, a charter member of the Wu-Tang Clan, had recently been paroled from prison following a three-year stint in the slammer for repeated cocaine convictions.
 The Brooklyn born and bred ODB knew how to "keep it real" in order to ingratiate himself with his fans who demanded such self-destructive behavior. To maintain his street credibility, he kept himself on the wrong side of the law, with a rap sheet which included arrests for a shootout with police, making terrorist threats, domestic abuse, shoplifting, driving with a suspended license, menacing rent-a-cops, and for wearing a bulletproof vest.
        In his private life, Mr. Bastard was a notorious womanizer, who openly boasted about all the women he had impregnated and who freely acknowledged fathering at least 13 kids out of wedlock. MTV even sent a camera crew to follow this doting Dad’s limo to the Welfare Office where he escorted some of his offspring to pick-up their food stamps.
      While none of his so-called "stink hos" could be found for comment at press time, his grieving mother Cherry remembered her son as, "The kindest most generous soul on earth. Russell was more then a rapper he was a loving father, brother, uncle and most of all son."
        His musical career probably peaked at the 1998 Grammy Awards, though not with a win. Rather, he rushed on stage right after losing out to Puff Daddy, sparking a near riot by taking the mike to say he deserved the trophy because he had spent more money on his clothes. Later that year, in an unrelated incident, ODB was found shot in his apartment under suspicious
        When not behind bars or in the hospital, Russell was a frequent guest of halfway houses and mental institutions. While this dearly-departed role model is sure to be missed by the Hip-Hop Generation, it can at least take some consolation in the fact that this poster boy for thug life left behind a broad body of work as inspiration for any who aspire to imitate his felonious ways.

Excerpted from I Want Pussy by Ol' Dirty Bastard:
"Stink hos, I want pussy for free, I want pussy for free You can not have my money...
I ain't givin’ none of y'all girls money shit fuck y'all...
Bitch you better obey me, better not betray me
Callin’ the cops sayin’ this is his baby
Pussy for free, baby, I don't want none of yall havin’ my money
I want pussy.â€?    

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