Only Racism Would Prevent Obama Landslide

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[Letters To The Editor: Election 2008]


Thank you for finally bringing some brutal honesty to this nonsense about Senator Barack Obama being “unqualified.”

I am a white 52 year old male who has plenty of friends who won't vote for Obama; okay with me but they lie to themselves and me about the reasons, this so called experience factor. I know the real reason. They consider him an "uppity" ni---r.” Plain and simple.

I know it, they know it (but won't admit it) and you know it. Good for you for not giving ugly racism a pass. Tell just as we all know it is.

Rod Serling said bigotry was the biggest evil in the world, and we will see if it triumphs over common sense, fairness and decency. McCain's policies and ideas are a joke compared to Senator Obama‘s.

The same for his judgment. Despite all the xenophobic paranoia and fear, I think the old time racists will be vanquished in this election when Obama wins in a landslide.

Stevens Point, WI


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