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This week, as President Barack Obama headed to Saudi Arabia and then to Egypt for his historic speech, to change the confrontational relations between the
United States and the Islamic world, Osama bin Laden tried to derail the process by issuing a message condemning President Obama.

Rush Limbaugh complemented bin Laden's volley, in an interview with fellow hate-monger, Sean Hannity, by also undermining the president's Mid-East mission.

"This is something that I thought long and hard about repeating in this interview with you," Limbaugh, who made the shocking claim that he actually thinks, told Hannity.
"If al-Qaeda wants to demolish the America we know and love, they'd better hurry because Obama is beating them to it," Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh has in the past declared that he has abandoned drugs; his statement about the president raises doubts about whether he's clean.

His hatred of the president has driven him off the edge. Earlier, on his own radio show, he argued with a caller who identified himself as a Republican and a Limbaugh supporter.

"I think Obama quite frankly is depressing people," Limbaugh told the caller, in an angry tone, almost losing his voice in the process. Thankfully, the caller was brave enough to disagree with him, before Limbaugh launched a long dismissive lecture against President Obama and the caller.

The caller insisted that many Americans were inspired by President Obama, who gives voice to their hope for a better future.

The hate-monger Limbaugh claimed that Obama was destroying capitalism and free enterprise --and I mistakenly thought the greedy and thieving Wall Street bankers, mortgage lenders, and the inept CEOs of the car companies had accomplished this feat-- by telling Americans to sit back and wait for government to rescue them.

When did President Obama ever say this?

And, according to Limbaugh, he has seen the results of such a policy of urging people to wait for government assistance. It leads to welfare dependency, "single mothers and drug infested neighborhoods" Limbaugh said, obviously taking a cheap shot against Black people that he can never resist.

And then, later, these people waiting for government help blame their condition on people like him and call him a "racist" and "homophobe."

Even before President Obama had been sworn in, Limbaugh had famously declared that he hopes the president fails--in other words, this myopic fear and hate-monger would rather see the policies initiated to stabilize the economy and to create jobs fail simply because he hates the fact that a Black man won the presidency.

What Limbaugh really fears is that America is outgrowing people like him.

The Limbaughs and Hannities can only succeed in an environment where they can peddle racism and religious and ethnic bigotry and fears.

Obama has proven that there are enough enlightened people in this country, millions of Whites and Blacks, who are no longer controlled by the past appeals to
the basest and ugliest instincts. These are the New Americans and in time the base will continue to expand and individuals and political parties that march against history and enlightenment will become irrelevant.

So, rather than harming President Obama, Limbaugh and Hannity are actually making the Republican party increasingly more irrelevant.

Is it not ironic that people like Limbaugh and Hannity have so much in common with Osama bin Laden? They all appeal to religious fears and bigotry; they can only thrive with mayhem.

That's why bin Laden, Limbaugh and Hannity work for and all pray for some tragedy to befall the United States and undermine President Obama's appeal for unity and dialogue and less confrontation.

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